Kinda B.S that the Legendary doesn't drop even at the end of the season

It doesn’t exsist.

The “Bad Luck barrier” is a lie.

As a PvP Main who mostly does Normal difficulty content this is unfair given that the weapon is meta for the class in Arena.

Make it easier to get in the next patch at least, Because with it’s 500 ilvl it will still be the best in slot item even through mythic raid.


it exists
it’s not a lie, but you don’t get blp on your lfr kills
you don’t even do normal
it’s 457 ilvl

Literally everything you said was wrong.

yah we can see your kills, you have killed it 8 times on LFR and are expecting a leggo…at least make the effort to not get it on Heroic on multiple dragons like the rest of us before you complain


So why the triumphant roars every 11 minutes. Is it fake news

BLP has done nothing for me. Still waiting.


Seen a post where BLP only takes place heroic or higher.

Yep heroic or higher.

You’re wasting your time doing it below heroic.
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The chance for Evokers to receive the Cracked Titan Gem now increases each time you defeat Scalecommander Sarkareth on Heroic or Mythic difficulty.
Developers’ note: We’d like to see Nasz’uro, the Unbound Legacy become more obtainable for players who are regularly completing the highest levels of difficulty of the raid, while also keeping its status as an aspirational reward that any Evoker may work toward.

It’s actually insane that you’ve killed sark on lfr 8 times and are asking for an EASIER way to get a 457 ilvl weapon.

Also, spoiler alert, blizzard hasn’t cared about pvpers in well over a decade.

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Doesn’t mean BLP is working, because I’ve still not gotten it. Killed it every week on heroic with BLP, and was killing it on heroic before that. Haven’t seen it drop in weeks.


It’s all anecdotal.

I was in a kill with 5 evokers last week, and three of them got it.

Been killing it since week 3 on heroic, just got stack #11 today.


I’ve been sitting here with 13 heroic sark kills with no luck.

A real annoyance.


You should make a Community Council post asking if there will be any changes to the Legendary next season at all :grin:

It would be nice to know if they have anything in mind for it, if anything for season 4 if it is similar to the “fated” system they did in SL, and they allowed hunters to upgrade the legendary item in that season.

That and the CC forums are probably the best way to hear from them.

Yeah another kill this week and no drop. Feel like may as well sign out for the week til reset now

same boat here, over 13 kills under apparent “BLP” and no sight of the daum thing.

If they make it upgradable its gonna be both a joy for those that had it and a slap in the face for those that dont. the former because they will be able to keep using it next season, and the later because it will mean they have to keep doing a previous season raid in order to get their bis.

I dunno you, but i have zero intentions of keep doing that place once next season start. regardless if it becomes upgradable or not.

Lmao. Runs nothing but LFR. Has only done it 8 times. “The legendary doesn’t exist”. Yeah because you’re doing it on the lowest difficulty ya potato.

The emote isnt real as I have stood next to people in town & they do not see it when I do, Its client side emote, also untill I see an account with only LFR kills that HAS the leggo ONLY then will I believe its a real drop, as leggo never have had a content lvl lock out.