Kills in Ulduar not showing in Armory

I'm trying to complete every raid on every difficulty on this character. All of my progress in every raid, classic through current is reflected on my Amory page except for Ulduar. I even have most of the Ulduar achievements, on both difficulties, and according to the armory, I've never killed a boss there...
I'm also having the same problem where completion of Ulduar isn't being updated on my Armory's Raid Progression History. This is also the case with Dragon Soul LFR. I've spoke to a few support representative in-game and they've all re-directed me here to report the bug due to it being a website related issue. There are several posts regarding Ulduar and Dragon Soul LFR issues dating back in 2015 and 2016 so here's hoping that these issues with Raid Progression not updating will get acknowledged.
I'm having the same issue! Ran the whole instance last night and still not showing me as completed whats going on? This is the 3rd toon it has happened to.

It's now the 19th of September and Ulduar is still showing as incomplete (showing 4 bosses downed) but have cleared it numerous times

Answers please
Chiming in to add my report to this as well. I did Ulduar and Dragon Soul (LFR and normal) last night. Ulduar is only showing 4 kills that I had done back before they changed the raid and Dragon Soul is only showing the normal completion, not the LFR.
I wonder if we can get a BLUE post on this? This issue seems to be affecting quite a few players and with the armory being a place where a lot of guilds go to check progress before they invite you to join them on a permanent basis. It would be good if the armory reflected progression properly, not only for others to view but also for ourselves (so we know what has and what hasn't been completed).

Also have the same problem
Me too
Also experiencing this issue. Stuck at 5/14 for the longest time.
It’s been more than a year and Blizzard still hasnt fixed Ulduar and Dragon Soul LFR progression on Armory. They are just ignoring the problem at this point.

Really frustrating for the people who wants to complete the raid progression page to all green.

Same. May 2020.

Same here, 2023. Seriously