Kills in Ulduar and Firelands not showing up in Armory

I’m trying to complete every raid on every difficulty on this character. All of my progress for every old raid is reflected on my Amory raid progression history page, except for Ulduar and Firelands. This is happening despite them showing up as fully completed and locked out in game. I’ve attempted to run these raids multiple times in hopes that the progress will show up on the website’s character page, but according to the armory I’ve never killed any of the bosses there.


Same thing for years, so bump. LFR Dragon Soul wouldn’t update, either, but looks like they opted to just remove it from the armory. Removing Ulduar altogether can’t be a solution for this one.

Hey Bliz, this ever going to actually get fixed?


I honestly cannot believe they haven’t fixed this yet a long with Ulduar. This kind of stuff, a long with the zandalar tribe rep never being able to be completed just irritates the hell out of me and others who are completionist type.