Killing boosting has killed low pop servers

Now you cant get that class quest or dungeon quest done, because there’s nobody your level and no more boosts being offered. Thanks blizzard.

No, transfers did that.


I also think it was the free transfer that killed it. I play on a low pop server with average of 3 other players playing at the same time, so I know what you are talking about. I’ve been doing the class quests and dungeon quests with the aid of a lev60 when he is on. Its not as good as running ‘on-level 5man’, but at least its still enjoyable. Surviving in a low pop server has its challenges but its fun and challenging in its own way. Hardest part will be finding a guild with a helpful lev60.


That’s on you. Not blizzard. They gave you a FREE transfer off that dead server.

Well, come Aug 9, they moving you whether you like it or not. Do it before that date or your chars could be locked for weeks

its not dead. I think we have like 20people on it staggered throughout the day. I hope they give us the choice to stay behind.

oh that sucks. Is that official? I must have missed that news.

I don’t see how the changes have prevented anybody from completing a quest…
If that’s literally your goal is just to complete dungeon quest you can still do that you’re just not going to benefit from all the XP from kills.

There’s the list.
I don’t recall seeing that the destination realms have been updated but I admit to not looking too closely as I am not impacted by the closures. Nor have I seen anything about where you will be forcefully moved if you have not taken the free transfer by 9 August.

edit I just realized that I’m not certain if you are talking about playing in Era or TBCC. The closures apply to TBCC servers only.

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What server?

Boosts don’t exist on most low pop servers… there aren’t enough players on for any if that to make sense.

They haven’t updated them. It’s but of a letdown. My HS toons (all Alliance) have a choice: Grob, or some other Horde dominant PvP server. I’m paying to transfer 2 tomorrow. The rest are moving to Grob, in case I need to start over again there.

Ugh. Sorry to hear that.
Paying for the privilege of having your server nuked but not given a choice of destination (all should have been available if they are making you move) is dumb and just … lazy. Because they still are not addressing server balance adequately.

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You are definitely trolling. 20 people throughout the day = dead

Yeah, neither of us are thrilled with work right now.

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no, its the mindset of the people thats leftover now. Blizzard offered the free transfer and the ones that chose to stay behind love playing with the low pop. You don’t need a huge population to enjoy the game differently.

For me it’s more that I absolutely detest the use of transfers as a way to ‘manage’ realm communities. Character migrations are far too destructive of a tool to be used casually. They are the Nuclear Option that only have legitimacy when used as a last resort for players on realms that are being permanently closed.

I wouldn’t mind playing with a higher population but I won’t validate this reckless use of transfers especially when Bliz has demonstrated the capacity for alternative solutions via realm connections.