Kill trading, cheating, honor system gaming

It’s not pvping on alts, it’s running a level 5 to razor hill to stand in the gy and spam kill yourself on alts. How many times does this distinction need to be made? Go play a couple games of warsong, or go gank in red ridge. That’s not what this is. Holy crap, 5th grade reading comprehension.

I said nothing of the sort. You just need to calm down 'cause it’s still a Game. Exactly how an adult, should react.

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I dno, the way I look at cheating is that it unfairly benefits a party/person. This is helping everyone in the PvP pool. Who is losing out here?

Cheating to me is having an unfair advantage against someone. Who has the advantage here? I dont really get your stance in this situation… Are you mad that people want to make ranking easier for everyone? If so, why is that a bad thing?

Makes me sad to see you are from my server.

An adult in 2020 ain’t sayin much, I also pvp’d on my alt to help my ally’s on Grob so take that angry adults.

No, but it should get you banned.

Put some pants on.

Personally, IDC that much about others Self Ganking, themselves 'cause you can always intervene and “snipe” away the Self Ganking fest. 'Cause the OP said that if you tried to intervene, you get angry Whispers, but who cares about angry Whispers? If they want me to stop, they should stop feeding us free Honor. That’s just me, though.

EDIT: Not to fret, though 'cause

welcome to wow pvp.

enjoy your stay.

Not sure why you are complaining… a bigger pool literally benefits every pvper

The time spend lvling the alt wouldn’t be worth the honor gain. This is a BS post your server is flooded with horde and I’m pretty sure you feel dumb upset for not rolling allies or transferring off when you had the chance. Enjoy your hour long queue times because after these AV changes you’ll be lucky to get 3 games per day.

Except the people who want to earn ranks legitimately, rather than have them inflated by the artificially giant pool.


How is it unfair if everyone can EASILY do it. Its not like botting, which screws up the economy and actually degrades the ranking process. All getting 15 hks on a lvl 1 does is boost the number of people in the honor pool so that more people can get ranks for actually pvping 18 hours a day. Also, win trading is purposely loosing a battleground, not engaging in raid wide lvl 1 pvp. The goal isn’t to get a rank 6 lvl 1. Its to allow more than 1 r14 on your server per week.

I would argue it is neither unfair, nor degrades the gaming experience. Blizzard screwed up the faction balance with cross realm bgs not giving any incentive for pvp server balance that doing this is REQUIRED to get a r14 for the lower pop faction on imbalanced servers.

The pool is already inflated with server size

Imagine grinding av 14 hours a day for 3 months to lose to some player who killed a few dragons.

wait are these 60s killing the low level?? because that wont give them any honor…I am confused if they are low levels killing low levels its not like they can go past rank (3?)

lol all of these losers, trying to dance around the exploit / cheating bush.

It literally helps every single person who PvPs equally. It gives no one any particular edge over another person. Everyone’s gains go up. Cheating implies someone has an advantage over another, take your outrage elsewhere my guy.

Found the guy who has no idea what’s going on.

You don’t level your characters, you take a bunch of level 1s, and get 15 HKs on them. That’s it. Takes 3 minutes per character.

I truly dont know whats going on how does that help any one?? levels 1s only give honor up to like level 12 or something …truly confused can some one break this down barney style for me please

So the way the ranking system works in Classic, is your ranking gains are directly impacted by how many other players are in the honor pool for that given week, since everything is % based.

By adding a bunch of level 1s to the player pool, you help everyone rank faster, and get additional slots for the highest brackets. The reason you need the 15 HKs, is because you need a minimum of 15 HKs a week to be added to the valid player pool for Rank Point calculations.

For example, on my Vanilla server, literally only one person could hit Rank 14 every 2 weeks, because you needed Standing 1 on server, and there was only 1 Bracket 1 slot.

With today’s server sizes and with this method, you could ostensibly push 5-8 people out of the system every week, which helps everyone below them as well.

so do the levels 1s have to be killed by some one who would get honor for killing them like level 12 and bellow or something?