Kill off Genn PLease

I think her preserving one of the races as a horde so they can continue to fight the legion was a very smart idea, but you can go ahead and keep spinnin’ that yarn.

Nathanos, maybe, but not Genn.


tbh I’d rather have Genn, Nathanos has gotten really freaking annoying

I haven’t heard Genn as being a hated character.

He feels pretty human, has very blatant flaws, but usually keeps it together.

D’oh there’s a necromancer amoung us D:<

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Dat necro.

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Ugh, my flags are on Cooldown.

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It was constructive you dingus

I actually like both Nathanos and Genn. I’m sad Nathanos is tied to Sylvanas as I’m honestly going to miss him when he’s gone.

Genn’s one of our few characters with a spine, keep him around.

Nothing a rolled up newspaper can’t fix.

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I thought the ones alliance couldnt stand were Tyrande and Anduin? Genn is a good doggo and is here to stay.

Genn could be interesting character. He’s not.

Why? Because he’s too calm and too human.

Look at worgens from island expeditions - TRUE BEASTS. They sound like animals and they act like animals on the HUNT.

Genn is just Anduin pup.

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Not before we kill Slyvanas Windrunner off first.

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Heck no keep her she’s fiiinnneeee

Nope, she’s evil, a mary sue and too much plot armor.

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/tar Genn
/cast Power Word: Parvo

Like that?

Anduin will have to man up and take that treacherous old coot’s head at some point.

Nathanos is just really sarcastic, it is his charm. Genn is really righteous, but is Anduin’s lap dog all the same.

Blizzard writers have a tendency to kill the cool characters off and leave us with the pathetic ones that less people admire. Also, they do not give us cool new ones, or build npc’s up into leadership roles. The ones that they do or try to are worse.

Personally I think that Blizzard authorship fails because the imbue their fantasy characters with mundane values. I also blame the aging clientele to this game and those that make decisions for the story are out of touch with fantasy stories.

More and more the game has been directed to player centric story, but the players never have an actual choice. It was better when we as players were apart of the overlaying story, not the hero or champion or in charge of anything.

Ultimately, Blizzard is being guided by faceless corporate decision based on perceived numbers of what’s financially best and moral correctness that is being shoved down the public throat. Gone are the days when designers mad a story that as a gamer thought it was epic - Conan the Barbarian is just not palatable for the sensitivity of the public at large.


Genn’s refusal to completely abandon all ill will toward the Horde and put blind faith in them never going to war again honestly makes him one of the only characters on the faction with a brain. “If we’re to make peace, we must prepare for war.”

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People want everyone who even calls the Horde mean dead, Horde players come off as extremely aggressive and over sensitive.