Kidney Shot Finishing move that stuns the target. Lasts longer per combo point, up to 5

Looks like 6 second kidneys are the max in DF now. Interdasting.

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Groundbreaking discovery.

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Yep. No one used it anyway.

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In PvE? Or just PvP?

Both. The max combo point for kidney is now 5 points for a 6 sec kidney. It wont go above that anymore

Thats wack. They couldve made it a PvP only change.

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Right… plus we all get 15% reduced cc duration with pvp trinket bonus so its kinda poop

It is still the best stun in the game atm even with the changes, with no DR already in place (assuming in pvp they have both trinkets) it is a 5 sec stun as the 15% removes 0.9 sec.) So essentially treat your rotation as if everyone was an orc.


That is true. Just need to adapt. Which am working on. Moving around my add-ons and making macro changes and changing talents around now so I’ll be more use to the new changes to come. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Just pointing out that kidney finally won’t be 7 seconds. Which tbh I think is fine, we do get Gouge so it makes up for it either way

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In all honesty, the 7 sec stun was too strong.
But just wait for all the Evoker Rogue teams, that skill to increase cc by 50% will be crazy. lol imagine a 8 sec stun with them combined.


You’re not wrong. But now we have Gouge accessible. So even though we lost some time on the 7 sec kidney, it really just got replaced with an extra incapacitate. oh blizzard

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if they let it scale to 7 CP for a 8 sec duration, that would have been 6.8 seconds after the 15% reduction. considering cheap shot goes down to 3.4 seconds now as well, you would not even break even to what you have today.
nevermind the fact that blind and sap go down to 6.8, which makes it harder if not impossible to blind>sap now.

but y’all just happy to have gouge back :stuck_out_tongue:

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This just in, 8 second CC’s in this economy was ignorant. But be mad and butthurt that CC wont last for days :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you seem to be ignoring the fact that most if not all classes and specs get extra defensives/charges on those defensives in DF.
maybe it was not fun to die in a well set up CC chain, but if we trade that for and unkillable healer meta we are in for some long games I can tell you that much.


I’m literally not ignoring a single thing. Long CC’s of any class should have been gone long ago. Wouldnt mind damage increase for lower CC, but we’ll see

but why?
defensives kept up with them in duration, did they not? 8 seconds here, 12 seconds there. except cloak, which let’s not forget, started off as a 1 minute cd.
as for damage increases, i don’t know. a rogue needs to work in that 10 second stun, a hunter starts slinging aimed shots and 3 seconds later you’re gone. do we really want more of that?


People can just leave us rogues be and move back to peddling corn or whatever they were doing. It’s not a big deal and that’s fine.

More importantly → Dh and Dk outhealing healers currently on beta. Rising Sunkicks for 91k from wind walkers, Dh 7 sec silence into elysean nonsense and the hunt for over 200k. Those are more important matters than griping about our kidney shot. Or ferals getting all rogue passives put in with filthy bites but then they gripe about being a “worse rogue”. You’re a kitty, not one of us and you will never be one of us.

Would have loved garrote even without the silence but that was axed due to all the pandering and griping of other classes. Took this dang long to get gouge back that should have never left , same with poisons too.

“cLaSs fAnTasY” be damned, we are rogues we use all aspects of our kit to accomplish our mission.


The evoker ability is nerfed to 20% increased cc duration in PvP, btw.

Oh I didn’t know that.

This is a drop in the bucket compared to the absurd CC I am seeing in DF from other classes lol.

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