Kicked Out Because "Subscription Expired"

Sub didn’t expire tho, literally says in transaction history next billing date is in December. This was the only time I saw that prompt tho, now whenever I try to login it logs in and then gives me prompt “You’ve been disconnected (blz51900007)”. Not really sure what’s up, can’t seem to find anything elsewhere besides folks talking about script programs but I don’t have the knowledge to understand it. Any insights?

Same exact thing happened to me. Basically, they dun goofed.

Just another Tuesday login server fail after downtime … becoming a habit.

I did look, but I didn’t find this post in my search. Thanks

This is an error on Blizzard’s part. Only some people got a “subscription expired” notification.

Every one is getting this… That’s blizzard for you… Microsoft are you watching??

If you logged in immediately after servers came back up, your account is still playing…as long as you don’t try to change servers.