Keyboard input not working

Anyone else keyboards not working with the game after the patch?

This should pertain to your issue.

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Well it only happened to me after each cinematic. My keyboard would become unresponsive. Hitting Esc and going back into the game cleared it up for me.

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ya i’ve got the when loging in it takes a whjle to work one

I followed advice and disabled Addons and now keyboard function keys work

Still try a full UI reset if the issue persists.

Do we have any specifics on which addons are causing this? The issue is very annoying, but disabling all my addons is a non-starter, since I intend to raid a little more seriously next expansion. Even a mention of the offending API call would be nice. I’d be happy to grep through my *.lua files to figure out which addons to disable.

For the most part, doing a UI reset and then re-installing your addons and setting them up again will fix the issue. You can usually continue using the same ones.

Outside of that, you’d need to disable them in groups to try to pin down which ones might be involved, and if it is a corrupt setting of some sort, even disabling all of them may not fix it.