Keybinds tips with 12 mouse buttons

ok well first hi everyone im just returning to wow cause my mouse died and i bought a 12 buttons ones so my plan was to just use spells with mouse while i move with keyboard. i got 12 butttons plus shift and control that will make it 36 buttons the problmem is i dont know how i should go about setting spells in the mouse like priority spells and all that my keybind willl be 1234567890-= normal ones, shift ones and control ones well thats end it sorry to be a pain and so much trouble but im dum and im having a hard time ordering spells thanks in advance.

Use the bartender 4 app. You can mouse over your spells and program each button very simply.


the thing is, this is entirely personal. what works for me might not work for you.

I use 1-6 on my keyboard for main attacks, then things on my mouse are bound to buffs, stuns, taunts, etc.

so my left hand is sitting over 1-6, then I use qwert asdf and my ptt button is ~

basically this. teh bottom row is 1-9, I mostly use 1-5. the last three on the bottom row are bound to my mouse wheel.

the two grids above that correspond to the 12 button thumb pad. right is default, left is with the modifier key.
the little buttons on the top are raid/party buffs, or potions. they’re not keybound. the stance bar on the left isn’t keybound, but most of my shifting is done with a shifting macro that is.

but, again, just because this is what works for me, doesn’t mean it will work to anyone else. So you kind of have to play around with your set up and figure out what works for you.

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I use my mouse keybinds as 1 to 0 hyphen and equals on the keyboard. Then I use Dominos add on to set up 3 action bars of 12 buttons. One is just used by pressing the standard mouse buttons, and the other two have SHIFT and CTRL modifiers to activate giving you 36 abilities you can possibly activate with just your thumb. It really gives you more control over movement since your fingers never have to leave WSAD. I do have a couple abilities bound to Q and E and R with Shift modifiers for those as well. Shift space for interrupt. Also I have ALT as my Focus target modifier. I have my main rotation spells on my regular buttons, and then for SHIFT I have Damage Cooldowns and abilities that Heal myself and CTRL I have for damage reduction and utility spells mostly and some consumables.

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I use 6 7 8 9 0 - = [ ] \ ; ‘ for the 12 with shift and alt modifiers. That way you keep easy to access keys around your left hand for abilities and the rest of your keyboard for shortcuts

Depends on the class you’re playing, or if you play multiple classes.

I shoot for primary abilities 1-6, lesser used abilities 7-9, CDs 10-11 and a movement ability in 12.
Interrupts / CC abilities S1-S3, AoE abilites S4-S6, Self heals S7-S9 and S10-12 for orther random sometimes useful abilities.

No matter what class, 12 is my speed buff ability – Sprint or Powerword: Shield – the only exception is if forms for extra movement speed (Shaman). If 2 movement buffs, I also reserve S12 for that.

To keep things intuitive, for example, my Shamans Lightning Bolt is 5, Chain Lightning is S5. If I have a damage reducing CD, and a Self Heal, I stack those in the same button slot with the modifier. Quickly you key into things when your going to the same buttons for the same or similar actions.

I use C1-C12 for mounts, stance swaps, etc.

Edit: Set your bars up to reflect your mouse: 3 by 4 layout to help with a visual for ability location on your mouse.
Edot 2: Also, if using actionbar 1 with paging, you can use an addon like hekili to help with basic rotation. I mention this, not for the rotation itself, but that it will display which “button” to press as well.

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the way i do it:

the 7 button is my ‘home’ button where my thumb sits if i didn’t use the side buttons. from there i bind the most common used spells radiating away from the 7 button. i put interrupts on 10. 3 is a stretch to reach for me so i don’t bind it

i use ctrl and shift for spells that are channeled or that i want to avoid accidental fat-finger activating

Modifiers. Doesnt take an addon just go to keybinds.

I highly recommend you relegate all abilities on the GCD to your mouse and all abilities off the GCD to your keyboard. There will be occasions in which you want to use multiple off-GCD abilities at the same time which can’t easily be done with the thumb grid on your mouse, but can be done very easily using multiple fingers on the keyboard.

Keep your thumb on the 5 or 7 button by default (I use 5) and assign your most commonly used rotational abilities to the immediate area. Longer cooldowns and situational abilities can be further away from your default on the grid or used with modifiers.

We have 12 bindable F keys. It just works.

edit: Oh nevermind I misunderstood. I use elvui and I made 12 slot bars in the exact layout of the mouse side buttons, oriented the same way as the key bindings. Then I duplicated it for a ctrl modifier of those same 12. Then I have a few random bars for interrupts and unconventional abilities that are bound to my keyboard.

You want a balance between mouse and keyboard, so that as your thumb hits a keybind, your hand on the keyboard is ready to hit the next and so forth.

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mmm so i should do keybind in a way that i have some on keyboard and some in mouse just since i have 12 buttons on mouse i dont want to waste them and leave nothing binded in some buttons

When setting up keybinds just think about the resting state of the hand and what is comfortable.
Things you use often or need quickly should be near that comfortable “at rest” position.
Typically for me on my naga epic, this means buttons where my thumb is extended, so 1-6, with less used abilities extending further away from there.
As each row/button becomes less easy to access the buttons become less important. So something like 0,-,= are for more rarely used abilities, long cooldowns, things that generally are used from setup.

Same should take place on the keyboard, so things near W,A,S,D like E, Q, R, F also become more frequently used abilities, with things like T, G etc being less used abilities.

Personally what this looks like for me is 1 is my primary movement spell (with modifiers doing secondary movement abilities) 2-4 + E,Q,R are rotational abilities along with their shift modifiers, 5 is typically a snare, 6 is always my interrupt, 7 throughput cd, 8 CC, 9 stun/hard CC. The last row is typically my defensive at the easiest location alongside secondary defensives, or big utility (think invisi/camo).
F is AoE, G mount, T shield or similar (so spell reflect, mage barrier, PW: Shield, Grounding Totem etc) and so on so forth.

Again all of these things use modifiers to perform secondary versions of those skills, so ctrl-7 is typically something like on-use trinket/ combat potions, shift-8 something like turn undead for Pally with 8 being repentance etc.

Not sure how helpful that is, but hopefully it gives you an idea on not necessarily how to set up your keybinds, but how to think about setting up your keybinds.

Yeah absolutely, some binds for your keyboard will still be more efficient/easier than some on the mouse. Think of it as an aid rather than a replacement.

Just wanted to add that using multiple off-GCD actions at the same time can also be done via a macro.

thanks everyone that has help me a lot im prettu new to keybind so i dont really know how to best set them up around keyboard and mouse i had a 6 button one but it died and i bought a 12 buttons one again thanks

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What kind of monstrous hands do you people have that 6-= is functional for you

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huge ones. =]
But really, some people play with their keyboards at an angle to extend their reach.
And, in particular, I think most of the 6 -> = people are using a razer naga, 12 button mouse.

I use my naga for numpad 1-9 0 - =. I meant the people who use 6,7,8,9 on their keyboard. Only thing I can think of is they move their hand to press the key, which for raiding etc isn’t really efficient.

Also I play with the quake tilt lol.

yah, from wasd i can’t reach that far. but if you rebind down to esdf more doable i guess?

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