Key Ring in Classic?

i cant speak for blizzard but i feel maybe they looked into the fact all locks need DM to get mount… and saw how many locks were sitting at 60… and figured now would be a good time to release it… again i cant speak for them its just an idea i have on the matter

To be fair, blizzard have catered to the mass whines about transfers not being faction restricted, and have a long history of doing so ( see refail ).

Diremaul release did appear to be premature for many, it should have stayed out until phase 2 entire, as it has now set a precident. If enough people whine, we’ll see BWL by december, and so on.

I like the part where you’re so upset that you’re sitting there editing your weak personal insult.


ya know i hate to say it but for once i agree with galdor though his delivery of the opinion in a bit harsh.

there were aloooooooooot of people sitting at 60 before dire maul came out and even more so now that phase 2 is almost here .

this is much to do about nothing im afraid.

we will see how long p2 is then we will have something to talk about if its only 2 or so months. 3 or more will be fine.

Yes by adding a space that’s such a funny edit. OMG LOL!!! Galdor you’re so funny! Has anyone told you how smart and awesome you are and how everyone aspires to be like you and how we’re all so excited to have you here with us on the forums…

I like the part where my comment hit home. Wasn’t meant to be an insult, just an honest take is all.

Again, WTB Keyring



Oh yeah, of course. :wink:

I’m pressing X on this one.

You have to be exalted with Ravenholdt and it costs 9g.

They DID, at blizzcon. it was explicitly said it was nov 12th.

I didn’t watch Blizzcon, was just going by the sticky at the top of the forums. I was unaware that they had said a different date at Blizzcon.

Regardless, phase 2 launches today. No key ring though today. That’s coming later in the year they said.

The first patch is out but the keyring isn’t… when is it really going to come out??

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The first patch is not out…however it is now phase 2. Phase =/= patch

As all of my pvp flagged time has been not of my initiative, I’m not going to really get anything out of the honor system. I am still looking forward to the keyring. That’s bag space. Bag space is very serious business.

Gnomeregan workshop key, Scarlet monestary key, Shadowforge key, prison cell key, coffer keys (also BRD). I’m up to five bagslots now. I think I’ll just assume my rogue friend will be around rather than coughing up the gold for the Scholomance key for now.

Good. Maybe that will get us TBC where Classic was actually really fun to play.

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it was patched. we had to download and update.

it was explicitly stated to be coming with phase 2. and phase 2 was pushed from Tuesday to Thursday to facilitate them still fighting to get it working properly. it seems to have been too big an issue and now its “sometime before new year”

have a seat, clown.

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if moving from one phase to another phase is not “the first patch” is the first patch going to be after phase 6??? like WTF

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Where is the key chain

Show me anywhere that they said the keyring is phase 2. You guys don’t even try.

Keyrings came with Dire Maul. I’m fine waiting for scheduled content but players expect it to be released similarly to how it was in vanilla.

There are now more keys in game than there was before keyrings were released in Vanilla. The feature originally introduced because players had complained that there were too many keys to hold.