Key Ring in Classic?


but … I am the keymaster !


they sated KR’s will be added in shortly after launch


I am very happy to hear that it is going to come back. I had heard it was not going to be put in but I am glad that I was mistaken. Please pass on my thanks to the people working on Classic.


WoW Classic’s client will be updated periodically over time as changes are made to the retail client/server infrastructure as well. They’re not going to “maintain two MMO’s” and allowing Classic’s code to stagnate would cause exactly that.

So after they get done with their bug-fix patches to reach higher fidelity with 1.12 gameplay, don’t be surprised to see client updates for Classic to happen in close time-proximity with every major content patch for Retail.


If you go and look at the linked to discussion in the Beta forums, it was pointed out it was added in 1.11, as one of the people who posted in that thread. We decided it probably was a case of Blizzard deciding to consider it part of the progressive itemization and that we weren’t going to see it until Naxx went live.


WoW Classic is patch 1.13.x

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But DKs are coming with the Honor System not when BGs like they should…

that’s some crazy consistency right there…


Don’t under-estimate the metagame that is bagspace management of non-tradeable items. :slight_smile:


Phases don’t relate exactly to patches (as far as game systems have been concerned). Loot that was available in MC at launch has the itemization stats it had later in the game. AV is as it was in 1.12, not 1.0.x, etc. I’m guessing they ran out of time to get the key ring in before launch. If this blue post said it would come with phase 2 then I would agree that they’re looking at it like “new loot”.


That’s system vs content. They’re doing progressive item release, not progressive itemization.

This is the most likely reason, because it’s a unique game element that doesn’t exist in any similar form in Retail.


That was my point with that example. The key ring is a system not a progressive item. Though I guess it could count as content.


It was an feature that simplified inventory management. In some respects, it could be viewed as comparable to an Onyxia Hide Backpack or other inventory item, and thus could have fallen under the “progressive release” plan they had for content and items.

Obviously, with its availability being linked to a patch, rather than a phase, says they probably had a technical issue in re-implementing it in the Modern Client/Server infrastructure, and that was the cause for delay.

But given Blizzard’s lack of input up to that point, it was “reasonable” for players to conclude it was being reserved for the final phase of the game… About when it appeared in Vanilla WoW.

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Sooo maybe by nax? Clearly first patch didn’t go so well eh?


3rd post is the charm? :wink:


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Phase 2 = keyring.

We are in phase 1.

Just because DM opened doesn’t mean we are in phase 2.


Is there a new official statement saying it will be in phase 2? As the only official statement I’ve seen said nothing about phase 2, and is quoted by Lilsnac. Post the new Blue post, or otherwise you are creating and spreading false information and should delete your post.