Keeping track of blacklisted players in classic

I mean… People can pick to judge others on the choices theyve made, its up to them if they choose to take the ninja or not. Cant demonize someone for taking precautions against players like that. If you feel its fine with you, by all means lol.

Based on the blue post in response to loot trading, even blizzard employees feel the same way. Ninja at your own risk.

“Ninja looting does have consequences in the community and those who do it will have trouble getting invited to group. In other words: your reputation will matter. Remember to play nice, play fair folks!”


The black list is more like a strategic deterrent then anything. If you know that i am going to black list you if you ninja an item odds are you are going to think twice.

If you do it anyway you deserve the consequences of your actions.


I think any blacklist website would need to require proof be uploaded as well (screen shots of offending event) and possibly even reports from two different people. Without a requirement of proof it would be even more abusable than RCR since you wouldn’t need to get anyone else on board.


I have no problem requiring proof.


There will be a blacklist as it will be managed among the more hardcore players in the community. The reason we haven’t seen one repentantly is because the community in retail have all been merged and most competitive items and bosses are easily obtained and killed. This ultimately made the creation of a blacklist for general players impossible and useless. Once classic starts up again, servers will act as the boarder that keeps players within there pool of possible party members bring back the need for a community blacklist.

Further proof of this exist in other games, such as ffxiv were community blacklist are still in heavy use for limited content such as rare spawns. In ffxiv rare spawns allows everyone to obtain loot, so if someones group pulls the rare spawns and kills it before all the players are there to loot the spawn they are added to a black list and kick from all chats used for hunting spawns.

Then don’t cheat, don’t leech, and don’t ninja loot.

It’s not that difficult a concept to enact in your game play.

Don’t take my word for it.


Nope. Just do what normal people do. Go by experience and the opinions of those you trust.


It will probably have to be some type of 3rd party website/addon.

I was thinking of a player score, that is based on whether or not you would group with them again. Like Amazon reviews, but for players.

My very next thought though was that this is WoW and somehow it will get twisted into the cancer known as “Gear Score”, gross!

I don’t think we’ll have much trouble knowing who the really awful people are, they tend to be e-famous on your server.

I just make my own at the start of the game.

Ignore list starting at deadmines.

I will warn them or educate them on ninja looting before I place them on ignore.

Just incase they didn’t know. You can tell after a run or see them in the world.

If you are not very good at the game that doesn’t get you on ignored because you can get better. Ninja looting is the only way I put you on ignore.

Put them on ignore and keep a blacklist. On a few servers, there were very famous and reputable people on some servers (like Dragonmaw) that would routinely spam blacklists of known ninjas and troublemakers. Once you got put on that list, you were screwed for pugging. I imagine the same thing will happen again with server personalities making lists and people keeping their own personal ones to track bad eggs.

You should have the ability to get off that list by walking naked through Org or SW and players spamming shame or /spit at you


I just participated in a thread similar to this; I argued against it, but it seems the consensus agrees with allowing the blacklisting of people.

My question now has more to do with actually keeping track of such a thing. All I know about Classic is what I have read here on the forums, so forgive me if I am somehow mistaken, but I was under the impression that everyone will get to begin anew, brand new names and characters.

How is it even possible to keep track of a certain character if the said character decides they have a bad rep and chooses to leave it behind?

Its like a high school clique after school program.

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Obviously there is no way. But clearly the person learned the lesson

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There will be a blacklist that has actual dirtbags on it and then there will be trolls who spread rumors trying to get people on the blacklist who don’t belong there.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an addon or trade chat, haters gon hate.


Some ppl will blacklist ppl for about anything.

As some already stated trouble makers??

What is a trouble maker? Taking a guild farm spot, killing a rare elite you were not around(retarded), killing streamers(WPvP red you’re dead), killing lowbies(WPvP), trolling trade chat(meh), and whatever else.

If you have a personal problem with someone, doesn’t mean I do. Only ninja looters are the problem either a guild or a person. I will ignore either that person or the whole guild. I might go on a vendetta against them as in switch sides and come for blood (that if that guild keeps ninja ppl stuff). That why I will not follow a blacklist.

If I see a blacklist I will ignore unless well known ninja looters.
Guild or a player doesn’t matter.


So beta.
(Ten char)

I’d probably use a guild features like messages to hold some of that information on.

If we had a website that would show who rolled need on what and whether someone or the whole grouped ok’d it or didn’t then that could be something.

Like so so rogue on set realm needed on sm cathedral shield, no message from another person in message log said go ahead need on it or with specific key words.

Are you sure youre not a druid?

RCR can be abused because the punishments dealt by it are automated regardless of whether any rules were actually broken. Blacklists aren’t automated. Nice try, though.