Keep yourself alive!

People need to keep posting here. It’s bad omen when you can see thread from two years ago in front page.

East Coast has a big population… Surely there is Roleplayers or raider here.


Of course there are!

We’re just quiet.

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Also a big problem when police get called to a home and the person that stabbed another quotes warcraft and says they are a rogue. The person worked for a charitable organization that helps disabled and was new in the area. But not told where the person lived. The person was at home quietly doing things alone. Then found suddenly this person standing in their kitchen and was stabbed. They went to hospital and the organization ended up shut down because another also quoting warcraft hit the same person in the head with a hammer. Both demanded to own the internet and warcraft along with two rock bands. They attacked a stranger that was on disability. Someone that didn’t need an attendant and was a prior security person. Apprently they were frustrated they had taken Activision and Blizzard games to court along with Microsoft claiming they own warcraft and had copies of servers or old games. They made numerous threats and have caused server problems. Several of their gang members were involved in bomb incidents in BC in past and also claimed to get into utilities and police.

I’m a survivor of those incidents. I’ve told the people on the security here to alert their SIU. However I’m sure they are already aware because this game was witheld from publication for over 50 years due to these people hassling various security people etc. They think this rakes in tons of money along with a $5bet MLM of which most have been arrested for fraud and other issues including terrorism and murder.

I find the video game fun I do not find people trying to claim mental health while comitting crimes fun. They have lost some of their numbers as undertakers were called due to their behaviour by the head judicials for the planet. So I suggest anyone being part of that group to consider very carefully their behaviour.

Also for your sake I suggest contacting the game manager. The stabber and attempted murder cited your character name and the title I see here. Your posting is possibly around the time of one of the attacks. Also you should know the people were captured on security cameras throughout my apartment complex. They are optics, etc down the hallway, several in my own apartment, clearly shown cameras outside the apartment. They have gone to court and prosecuted because prior security people that are injured have rights. Using magic tricks doesn’t get around the cameras here. The cameras are made to deal with such things and we’ve caught people trying to figure out how to remove them to use them for themselves. Because these peoples friends attack them to with electronic harassment and try to make them crazy for plausible deniability. Apprently their noting end of December for something I’m not sure what. I don’t watch the full news. I do have a security using some of the same tech that has zapped people over things and another one or two live in the area.

I have the right to live life. My children were murdered what fans of the game are doing is a crime to the game as well. They seem to be advertizing a perfect world game. Which make me not want to play it and they have some problem with sims freeplay which does have security people.

I wasn’t the only one attacked. Years ago several security people were murdered and police across the world. Then they started bothering media again and more police after. A new unit is in to handle the contract for this time period. The outgoing main police people may not be happy as some have strict planet punishment for any involvement in incidents and others gave testimony on things happening including terrorists using video games like when the attacks using wolfenstine 3d were happening years ago.

People that have stalked me have a non-expiring restraining order. Most have served jail time. Some have had termination by undertakers. In video games they aren’t allowed near me and many are on lifetime electronic bans planet wide not matter which world or place they come from. There are several treaties or protections for technologists and security people as well as industry.

I have had injuries that caused memoryloss before but my memory is returning. If your a target seek help. If your part of the group targeting us. That shall end soon. We all know what certain epidemics are going on. As well as what technology is capable of. I’m not active in certain fields anymore. But I’m sure the others that are will be doing what is necissary to stop a serious problem once and for all after warnings that have gone on for decades and a quiet war.

The guild recruitment forums. Discord. Reddit. Took a lot of the life out of the boards too.

Same happened in my other gaming community also.