Keep it Rolling DF

Does anybody see a reason to include Keep it Rolling in your build? I don’t think I’ve seen anybody’s theorycraft builds include it - and it’s easy to see why, compared to the other two capstones it’s… underwhelming. Greenskins and Hidden Opportunity are both by nature very identifying abilities. Keep it Rolling on paper allows you to negate some of the RNG of the spec by extending your good luck but in practice you are still beholden to getting the good luck in a way that aligns with using the spell.

If there is something that I am missing I would love to be enlightened but I don’t find this capstone useful in a practical scenario

It has definite benefits depending on your pathing. Take, for example, this talent build.

Let’s say you rolled Broadsides (+1 combo point, 20% more builder damage) and whatever suites you the best. Arguments can be made for both True Bearing (CD Reduction for more BTE for more Greenskin Wickers) and Ruthless Precision (20% crit chance to boost heavy pistol shots). Point being, you can extend it up to a full minute of that roll. If you luck into a 5 match roll the bones, you’re top dps for the entire minute.

There’s also some bad luck protection on RTB if you roll 2 matches but only 1 is usable, and one happens to show up from Count the Odds, you can salvage that RTB. Probably not as useful in a dungeon run, but can be useful in raids in preventing bad variance with roll the bones.

It’s got its downsides in that roll the bones still has tons of variance, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Yeah, it could be even better if say it guaranteed a 5 roll with extended duration or something, but I guess caveats are necessary for balance.

edit: it’d probably be better if they removed it off of Restless Blades CD reduction and just made it give a 5 match roll the bones for 1 minute. I think that would definitely make it desirable. Outlaw could maybe use a 5 minute burst CD.

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Ya I took one look at the 5 minute cooldown and went “nope”.
5 minutes is an eternity in combat.

Isn’t it reduced by restless blades/true bearing?

I dunno, haven’t heard one way or the other for sure.

It is. Blah blah