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It happened during BFA. The expansion was only 10 months? That’s news to me.

It did happen during BFA. Maybe not the start but definitely during that expansion.


Not even remotely close to what I said, but do continue with your conspiracy theory, it’s so interesting?

Definitely sounds like what you said.

If that’s not what you meant, care to clarify?

Pretty much every failed MMO failed for the same reasons. They forgot that once you reach level cap you need to have something to do that interests people enough they’ll keep paying your sub fees.


OK, Fair enough. You were more or less giving Ion’s position, and I was “paraphrasing” Ion. He said for a previous expansion that “once you gear up in the new expansion, you will be able to old content easily like you did before”.

That’s not a conspiracy theory, that is ION essentially saying that you have to level up in a new expansion to do OLD content. OLD content that you could easily do before. There is no reason for having this policy other than ION wants people to do the new expansion before playing with old content.

Before someone says “old content need to be relevent” that is just a b.s. for scaling it so you need to level in the new expansion to do old content. Chromie time is for doing old content while leveling. But when you are not in Chromie time and you want to zoom through old raids for pets and xmog, you should be able to do that without having to participate in the new expansion first.

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That’s what I found in a few minutes of searching. I’ve got the second raid tier not being one shottable almost halfway through BfA, let alone HFC. I don’t suppose you have any evidence you could contribute to support your claim?


The reason you can’t find any topics further than that is because they fixed it.


No, it’s because not being able to one shot isn’t the standard that people use to determine if something is broken.

From October 2020, just after the SL pre-patch.

First poster claims that before pre-patch, Mythic Archimonde took 17 seconds. Either he used a non-damaging ability to pull the boss, waited 16 seconds, then used his one shot ability, or it wasn’t one shottable at the end of BfA.

Can you finally accept that you’re misremembering?

I was 1 shotting mythic blackhand by the end of BFA on 20+ alts a week to get the mount. Smashed him pretty quickly only 4 months into BFA and breathed on him by expacs end to kill him. Archimonde was a bit harder but by expacs end i could kill him fast enough that during his final phase not get pulled into twisting nether on my better geared alts.

In BFA i could do EN and NH reliably on normal and up to fallen avatar with KJ being undoable for me with M0’s being a cake walk by BFA end.

I expected similar ability in SL but with scaling never got that.

Also: from yesterday

They are trying to gaslight us.


They didnt forget anything. They do this garbage on purpose and consumer be damned. Its Ions way or the highway. Thats the issue and the underlying problem. Why havent they nerfed Ghuun? Why do you still have to run the orbs? That should have been removed ages ago.

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Why are your expectations not aligned with reality? Why should anything with G’huun have been “removed ages ago”? BfA will formally be legacy content tomorrow. They have never made mechanical changes to a boss before it becomes legacy content, so expecting it this time is only going to make you angry for no rational reason.

BfA bosses that are unsoloable for mechanical reasons will likely be adjusted to make them doable in the near future, just like always when an expansion transitions into the legacy designation.

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This is getting really old now. Different expansion, same excuse.

It is because they over rate how good the older raids are. Honestly they are nearly half a decade old by now so what is their point in being stubborn about mechanics in old raids outside of Chromie time?

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i just wanna solo old content for mogs


as do we all.

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Just not on their radar now unfortunately.

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Blizzard has taken the ability to solo away. Dragonflight 70s in first raid tier have a harder time soloing than SL level 60s had in catchup gear. They even made old raids harder than they used to be.

Expected some new content to be able to run? Nope, not allowed any more. WTF are they thinking?

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Get moderately geared at 70 then complain?

It is worse than reaching level cap in BFA or SL where you were weaker when doing older content. It is really bad now in DF at level cap.

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I was expecting (based on literally every past expansion) to be able to solo BFA raids from DF launch which is evidently not possible, and they have spoken up about this decision and confirmed it as intentional.

Even using their old logic, Legion raids should get DELETED by DF 70s, being 3 expacs old at this point. Even those who disagree about 2 expacs old being one shottable need to accept that 3 expacs old was always one shottable.

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