Keep Azeroth Close With the WoW Companion App

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neat downloading now

Is it available on my landline?


How about no and why would I even want to?


Hasn’t this been out for months?


Might be worth it if I could chat with my BNet communities instead of only the Faction-Locked ones.

Constantly closes on my decent-ish iPad when switching between characters, since last patch.

Still works relatively OK on my crappy Android phone.

(And yes, I know this should go in mobile bug reports, but I don’t think any Blizzard employees look there, ha)

Interesting, first I’ve heard of this one.
It looks somewhat like the Legion one looked like though.

I’m still curious as to why the other mobile armory app was removed that would allow you to speak with your guildmates etc(not that I’m a part of one now, but did enjoy the different poses you could put your characters in, and SS them.) I am sure something was said as to why it was removed, just never saw anything myself on it.

The boat missions make it decent, but I really miss the mobile AH.


I believe you can chat in guild chat on this one.

is this a paid ad or


Let me know when you’re nice enough to give us back our mobile auction house.


Can I get that on my computer please?


I would, but it takes forever to load each character. :confused:

Not an internet problem, lol. Just because it requires the app to login/out of each character. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s nice when I have to do a quick thing on one toon, but it’s just too much hassle for my alts.

It’d be nice if you guys would release this on the Desktop app though. For when I just wanna talk to my guild or check on my missions when I’m browsing the website though.

I know I can download an android emulator, but it’d be nice to do it without the added steps.

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Nice. Finally got the guild chat and calendar in it. And are there any other new features that might come later?

Tried it this afternoon but already had to uninstall. Though I thought the guild chat would be a fun thing to have when bored at work, the app constantly disconnects, takes forever to re-log in, takes forever AGAIN to log into a character, and then it’s hit or miss if the guild chat even shows up so I usually have to end up logging back out and in again.

Not worth the hassle unless the bugs are worked out.

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Any chance we’ll see pet battles eventually receive an app? I’m not really into pet battling, but could see a mobile component to battles draw me in during free time.


I’d like this as well. I don’t like doing pet battles while playing WoW but I’d probably do pet battles on mobile if I was out and about somewhere and couldn’t play WoW.


Why is the app so slow?

Yes! I like pet battles but can not warrant using my time on wow playing thing. If it was a mobile game I would play them all the time.