<Kanyes Best> 4/10M 10/10H, Sat/Sun 4pm-8pm ST/PST

Looking for DPS to add to our mythic roster.

Prefer Boomkin/Warlock/Spriest/WW Monk

All exceptional players of any class/role will be considered.

Minimum of 90% raid attendance.
215+ ilvl with Mythic CN experience.
18+ years old

Who we are
We are a fun group of adults that mostly work through the week, run keys on weeknights and raid on the weekends. We need dedicated weekend raiders with the goal of achieving cutting edge in the coming tiers.

If you are interested hit up one of our officers listed below


Join today and we’ll throw in a second Kanye’s Best for absolutely no cost to you! A 4/10M value for the low low price of 4-8pm PST (sat/sun).

But wait… There’s more! The first 100 applicants will also receive an AOTC!

(Kanye’s Best is not responsible for any wipes resulting from Tear accidentally pulling before the ready check. No refunds of time waisted from playing kick the fish during breaks will be available. AOTC only redeemable on Fridays between 7 and 10pm. There are no official studies linking depression to Mando complaining about the new hunter nerfs. Kanye’s Best reserves the right to sit you if you play like absolute dog water)

I dunno about these guys… they are 0/10 LFR.

Like really tho, SMH.

I joined as an alliance character and ran into some problems.

First of all, I couldn’t understand ANYTHING anyone was saying. They’d talk to me and it’d just come out as gibberish!

Second of all, I’ve heard this Sensi guy really like Valorant. But when he talks about it, it sounds like he’s describing Valheim for some reason? I don’t know what is even going on.

Third of all, I still don’t even have KSM and I’m waiting for my carry!!!111

Anyways, our standards are low. We have a dude who literally clicks his abilities, so don’t be shy and apply!

As I said, we like to have fun. Come join our mythic roster and enjoy your time playing the game!

We are in serious need of reliable DPS. Prefer ranged or WW Monk.