<Kalm> Frostmourne 2 Night CE LF Mage

Kalm Is a newly reformed guild on Frostmourne with the sole purpose of claiming cutting edge raiding every tier while enjoying the game with likeminded people.

Formed via a group of players with a vast history in wow with many years of experience of raiding together from CE to Hall of fame we plan to keep a fun, relaxed, progression minded raiding environment.

The core of this team have been around together for a while & form a solid foundation to keep this guild grounded & pushing for more whilst committing to our 2-night schedule.

While we enjoy having fun & plenty of banter (as let’s face it, after 19 years of wow you need to have fun while hitting dragons in the face) Cutting edge is the main focus & we plan to achieve that every tier.

Raid Schedule: Wednesday: 7.45- 11pm AEST Thursday: 7.45- 10.30pm AEST

During the first 3 weeks of a new raid tier we will raid Monday 7.45-10.30pm AEST

We require 90% attendance during progression, most of us have kids & work full time but that’s why we raid 2x a week. we understand life happens sometimes.


Tanks: closed

Closed (amazing melee considered)

(Any amazing dps considered)

Closed (amazing healers considered)

Regardless of recruitment we are chasing solid players & can work around any class/spec. We pick player over class; this is important to us & our raid environment for longevity of the guild & our enjoyable atmosphere.

To discuss recruitment please add:

Dana#11740 (Bnet) Dana#0069 (discord)
Khumo#11603 (Bnet) Khumo#4918 (Discord)

Alternatively Fill out an application form & we can get back to you shortly after & skipped all the back & fourth via chat.

Please note, while we have started the process to recruit & form, we are mainly focused on next tier.

Roster forming slowly. Raiding will casually begin this tier to form synergy & trial raiders, but our push for CE will begin next tier!

to the top, after players for keys

After raiders looking to push in s2

Few spots left to begin trailing raid spots for s2

Updated recruitment roles

After select dps & a healer

After dps players!

After mage, lock, DH, evoker dps

Need some dps buffs

Chasing dh & mage dps

After dps players

Wheres the mages at!?!

Bump for s2

After a mage!

Chasing mage and healing priest

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After mage dps

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S2 announced!!
After mage & priest healer for season 2