Kalec's age and Visage Day's canonicity

We have always know Visage day was only semi canon but with the latest short story it makes it even more suspect. The short as we know happens before the Sundering because Onyxia was still somewhat trusted/Deathwing was not in the picture yet. But as per the Vow Eternal that can’t be the case because Kalec was born AFTER the Dragon Isles were seals/after WoTA.

Visage Day takes place in long after the WOTA. That’s why Chromie visits Wyrmrest Temple several times during the story. Otherwise she would have been visiting their capital on the Isles.

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It couldn’t be after WoTA. It treats Malygos as someone who who is still sane and treats the Black dragon flight as equals.

Visage Day is a dumb concept and I wish it wasn’t canon. We’ve seen dragons switch forms on the go, they don’t need a bar-mitzvah to pick one.


And it cant take place in the past, otherwise why is Chromie visiting Wyrmrest Temple and not their capital in Thaldraszus?

And it’s quite possible nobody knew what Onxyia was up to. She’s pretty smart and infiltrated the human kingdom for many years before being found out.

And was Malygos being treated as sane? Because Chromie mostly dealt with Kalecgos. And not everyone in the blue flight went nuts like Malygos did


It was said it was traditionally done in Wyrmrest.

Possible, but doubtful considering all the black dragons did back Deathwing/their entire flight was hunted down after WoTA. I doubt even potentially “innocent” black dragons would have been escape the wrath of the blue dragons.

“My master, Malygos, expects members of our flight to train relentlessly. But I can always find time to do a favor for a friend. Zidormi informed me that you seek guidance about your upcoming Visage Day?”

Sounds to me like Malygos was still able to give orders/the entire flight had not suffered any particular tragedy yet.

Admittedly its hard to place the story now. Because originally Wyrmrest was meant to be the gathering place for the five Dragonflights and to serve as the heart of dragon culture.

It’s quite possible the story takes place just before the events of the WOTA and the sealing off of the Isles.

Not disagreeing with you mind ya, just trying to place where the story takes place in the timeline of events :blush:

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Nalice was the black dragon ambassador at Wyrmrest until Cata and had dialogue about dragons not attacking the blacks there. So in some instances the black dragonflight wasn’t attack on sight.


Somewhere after the WotA but before the Nexus War.

Kalecgos and his cohorts were agents of Malygos back in BC and we dealt with them just fine, even the vanilla ones in Winterspring mentioned representing Malygos.

In BC (Baron Sablemane) and even in Wrath we met a couple of black dragons in Dragonblight who we even worked with against the Scourge. They were treated as sketchy and rude, just like Onyxia is in the Chromie story.

And that was after Deathwings re emergence to the world after the first war, where the whole Dragonmaw shenanigans established the black flight as villains to atleast the Eastern Kingdoms.

I don’t understand why Visage day wouldn’t be canon? It’s not like a dragon adopting any other form than their Visage invalidates having a favored form.


I think it could have been a cool concept if it was grounded in something, and had build up and consistency. But Blizzard dropped it into the existing mishmash of their dragon lore, with little regard for any previous lore or the implications going forward.

A long way of saying the concept may have potential, but the execution is botched to all heck.

Like, it could be neat if Dragons were tied to their mortal visage form in some way, as an expression of who they are. Or their connection to the mortals around them, in Ebonhorn’s case.

I believe the argument is that these particular tales could be viewed as in universe folk lore, not necessarily canon narrative facts being laid out.

I had no interest in this fairy tale book, so I did not read it. It did not seem like it would have heavy lore implications. Frivolous - even for a video game book. So, I can not judge if these tales are framed as in universe folk tales with uncertain accuracy, or if they are framed as actual events.

I think Visage Day is a cute idea. It might not be the perfect fit in the game’s story, but nothing does that anymore these days.

There’s precedent to the concept as well, if not given an official name until now. If I remember right, Chromie always felt best represented by a gnome, and Kalec in Tides of War(?) said his preferred disguise is as a half-elf because it represents him feeling stuck between mortal life and his duties. This just takes an already-existing metaphor and sets it in stone.

90% sure that Wyrmrest Temple is supposed to be a sacred place where dragons can’t fight each other, I’m pretty sure Nalice says this at aome point in Dragonblight questing.

While I’m sure this story takes place after the WotA it’s worth noting that Wyrmeest was used even before the Dragon Isles went away. The Chamber of Aspects beneath the temple was the Aspects’ meeting place in the WotA books (and the Yogg-Saron fight’s flashback to said book), and that’s before the isles would have been inaccessible.


Wasn’t Visage Day from that book of children’s stories? The one where it was said not everything is canon?

Black Dragons up until Cataclysm were treated as less outright villains under one monopoly of power, and were worked with every so often. One assumes this would have been the case at least a few times over the course of 10k or so years as well. The trust was dubious, and there was certainly some greyness there, but they weren’t always kill on sight.

Hell, in Vanilla a lot of whether or not a dragon was going to be hostile came down to the individual, you had hostile Reds in Wetlands, and hostile Bronze in Tanaris, and quests handed out to you by a Black dragon (in disguise, but still) in Burning Steppes.

Onyxia being so old she was alive pre-Sundering is something I can’t really take as canon though, it doesn’t make much sense at all.

I would say that is the exception. Between the Scourge, Yogg-saron and Malygos, The Red Dragonflight needed all the help they could get. Also the Scourge were defiling the Black Dragonshrine. So they had a common enemy at the very least.

Side note: I find it weird that OS has no build up at all. Naxx has a couple, EoE has the whole Nexus War plot but OS is like, “oh this portal under Wyrmrest is active, whats inside it? Bunch of eggs, a big black dragon and some purple drakes. Lets murder them!”.

Deathwing being MIA was a big factor in this. Nefarian and Onyxia were doing their own thing. Once Deathwing came back in Cata, the Black Dragonflight were unitied once again for the most part. Obviously not all Black Dragons returned. Sabellion and his brood remained behind on Outland. While at least one Black Dragon on Outland returned to Azeroth (Obisidia).

It is implied somewhere that she is the second child and first daughter between Neltharion and Sinestra. Sinestra being Nelth’s prime consort. Nefarian being the first child and obviously first son.

I actually want to see what the relationship between Neltharion and Sinestra (Sintharia) was like before their fall from grace and the event that caused Sinestra to have those scars… Which caused her to have a burning hatred for Neltharion.

Malygos didn’t go instant crazy from Deathwing’s treachery… it developed over time and no doubt for a large part of that time, he probably seemed perfectly normal.

One more thing… if the authors write it, it’s canon. by definition.

If you have problems fitting it with the rest of the canon it’s either from underthinking or more likely, overthinking.

He was affected greatly even at the start because most of his flight died.

That is the thing, this was part of the “Folks and Fairy” book thus making its canonicty dubious at best. And they never actually said how canon it was.

No, the problem with it is it doesnt make sense from the fact that apparently humans are now some sort of apex race, to how the blue dragons seem to all be happy/have no beef with the black dragons(assuming the story was suppose to be set after WoTA).

Where you’re getting that from? The blues don’t have a particular reason to hate the mortal races unlike the reds who have a more colorful history with the Orcs. In fact if there’s any flight besides the blacks that have a history of interacting with mortals, it’s the blues.

Flights tend to follow whatever drum the aspects set. When Deathwing started attacking the blues, so did his flight. Now that Kalecgos has made his peace with Wrathion and Ebonhorn, there’s no reason for his flight to continue to persecute the blacks.