Just unlocked Kul'Tiran

You know that old saying…
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” John Lydgate

I think they are pretty cool especially the druid

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High elves are a lame request when we already have void elves.

Going to get hate for saying that


There’s a lot of Kultirans running around half naked in Boralus named “Thicc” And tons of people having fun with the mogs and names so I’m happy to see people being silly with em :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve also seen some pretty gnarly, epic mogs and name as well on the more serious spectrum.

I actually really enjoy mine. A human shaman is pretty neato and Fire Nation mogs here I come :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dizzy::fire:

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LOL…yeah you probably will.

I would not mind if they gave Void Elves a different posture than Blood Elves when standing because when on my Void Elf I sometimes forget on Alliance just like sometimes when on my Nightborne I foreget I’m on horde. But it is more than likely the main reasons is that I have to darn many toons.

I had the same problem and reaction. But ultimately, it wasn’t a big enough barrier to stop me from finishing it off after all that time.

As Prot Pally, I did solo some of the dungeons most of the way, but couldn’t finish them all on my own. It was super easy to just queue up and blow through them via dungeon finder though. Just do it!

Or ask your guild for help. That’s what they’re there for, supposedly. Then again I was in your guild (a chapter on another server, to be fair) and I didn’t see much chat or grouping up, then I got kicked for inactivity after being overseas for a few weeks. (Not bitter about it, I found a guild that was a much better fit shortly after!)

I would love to help, but unfortunately the server structure works against us. If you’re looking for a great guild that will actually want to help you, I’d suggest looking for something like this:

Not suggesting you switch servers, although I have heard of people switching or rolling a new character on the server just to join up! It’s a lot of fun.

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Why so much hate? :disappointed_relieved:

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I love them. Made me start playing the game more than once a week when they came out.

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Yea I tend to join random guild invites these days because I do play mostly as a loner. With that I also don’t get very openly talkative guilds so I don’t make many guild friends anymore. Not sure that guild you pointed out would work for me (it appears to recruit LGBT which there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I’m not part of the LGBT community).

I love the Kil Tiran druid form btw.

Yeah, they’re just very welcoming of everyone, it’s not a requirement or in your face or anything. But yeah the point was more just to try a different guild if you’re not getting any benefit from yours.

The Kul Tiran Druid is indeed amazing and I LOVE mine! This is why I’m saying, just do what you gotta do to get in there, it’s well worth it.

i’m going to be immeasurably disappointed if you weebs complaining that the kul’tirans aren’t anime and androgynous enough get your way and they do something to kul’tirans

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I find the female kul’tiran really lacking, in terms of what her face can look like as well as her “chubby” body; Unlike the male, she is not Muscular then kind of fat. She is just really out of shape looking.

Male Kul’tiran, a big, strong powerlifter guy who likes to eat.

Female Kul’tiran, “people of walmart.”

I’d play that!


I enjoyed this very much.

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Was same for me and Zandalari, grinded them out, after unlocking them realized they’re lamest and most dull race on Horde, regular trolls are better.

You don’t want to be fat?

How dare you! :hot_face: <–not sure what this thing is but it looks funny

Make Kul’tirans look humongous. Females are just OK.

Best part is that they can be druids and shamans

They knew, they’re just here looking for attention.

Kul’tirans are fine, wish I had time to level mine!

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The heritage set is the only thing worthwhile about them. They had/have a cool uppercut punch but I read it was nerfed for pvp.

Honestly I was afraid this race would turn Azeroth into one big late-night Walmart trip. Thankfully, it looks like nobody else likes them either, so crisis averted.

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The heritage armor is really cool, but it’s not like you can use it with other races.