Just transfered to Shadow Council

Was looking to join an RP guild. If anyone has room for someone just getting back into the swing of RP please let me know. I’m looking in the guild search but the RP guilds I see only have 1 active member. Currently have 4 characters on the server. 3 of which are 120 all transfered from another server and one just made recently.

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Not sure who is actively roleplaying these days - most I’m told is done privately. Circle comes to mind, though. They seemed nice when I last bumbled into them.

You may want to check in with the social guilds in the guild finder listing - as many guilds are friendly towards roleplay and roleplayers, but don’t identify as roleplay guilds. When you go to list a guild with the new and ‘improved’ guild finder, you may only select one activity that your guild focuses on. As a leader of a ‘Jack of all Trades’ sort of guild, I found that annoying, and never did list my guild in the guild finder.