Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic

Is this the case? If so I give them a pass

Oh, one more thing; you didn’t list all the changes that made content more difficult. Talent and spell nerfs, buffs to boss abilities; etc, etc.


Even the SFK ghost wolves could dissolve a tank surprisingly fast.

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I think you are wrong.

I don’t want what you are asking for, because it was an earlier Classic without as much stuff in it.

The reason why it is tuned this way, is because it was the Drums of War patch and had cool things like the Battlegrounds and blue and purple gear sets from them.

That was the one thing I did not get, so that is why I’m playing Classic (the Battleground gear sets.)

So they just did the drums of war patch, which happened to be this way.

I would want them to do the EXACT SAME THING in BC. This was because in BC, at a late point, Season One armor was from regular Battleground honor. So that was the last thing my Hunter did in BC, basically (then wore that set soloing through seven levels of Wrath, before it was fully replaced :wink: )

I want all of these “Classic” versions to be the latest patches possible, so that they include the most stuff.


You’ve cleared MC already? Congratulations!


To be clear I don’t want them to return to the old patches. I just want them to be tuned tothe old patches. Similar to how we’re using content from older patches added over time in the phases, I want them to borrow the tuning from an earlier patch and stick it into 1.12


Imagine thinking classic is hard OMEGALUL, just wait till they down Ony and all the other bosses in 1 day, what a joke, nothing better than proving all these nostalgia blinded people wrong.


This is completely wrong.



Ony is already dead lul


Nice wall of text.

Just so you know you’re playing classic how it was on release. Private servers adjust variables, they are not authentic.

Just so you know though. Now you know.


I want BC.


I’m pretty sure this is the result of, you know, every single private server working off the botched and incorrect version of Classic that Mangos and Nostalrius mashed together.

I knew they were wrong from the very first time a caster mob walloped me with their spells using player-tier damage tables. This is much more like what I remember back in the day.


Holy sh1t that is a lot of significant changes, no wonder people are blasting through endgame content so easily.

I do distinctly remember my mates telling me (I came in super late to vanilla) that endgame raids got nerfed significantly from when they did them.

And on a personal front, I remember the pre-TBC nerfs they did. Used to take us 4 odd hours to do ZG, and we shaved that down to 2 hours after 1.12 or 2.0 (I forget).



I want BC too, but not nerfed BC.


This, the game isn’t exactly the pinnacle of mechanical complexity as far as WoW is concerned. I honestly expect every raid to get absolutely breezed through.


They wont listen bro.
Re Itemisation, new talent trees and boss tuning made sure everyone could get through the content before TBC was released. #NoChanges just wanted to play a nerfed version of Vanilla WoW and that is the truth whether they like it or not.


Mangos was a thing looooong before Nostalrius was made. Mongos was one of the first cores made and had it’s limitations, I was amazed when I found out Nostalrius was using it as it’s core when most “better quality” ones used things like Trinity.

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BC nerfed all raid bosses by 30% so they could be cleared before Wrath, was that in the 3.0 prepatch? Or part way through 2.4?

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They did the BC changes in the same patch as the Wrath Scourge invasion event (unlike how they did the vanilla raid changes). So it would’ve been 3.0. That gives me hope that our chances of seeing a nerfed BC are low. Hopefully

I already posted that earlier in the thread but yeah that is all of them.