Just sad and disapointed at blizzerd

if you are going to lock someones account at least tell them why. it says a email was sent explaining why and what i can do about it. but no email what gives blizzard

Check your junk/spam folder for the email. They are sent.


It is possible that you are a part of a larger fix that is going out due to the major issues they had with the Auction House after the patch this week.

Some players were receiving gold from cancelled auctions and Blizz has to go in and set things right. They do not have an ETA unfortunately. But here’s a link to the blue post on it:


i have been check all my email folders every few hours and there are no emails from blizz other than the ones says i have a open ticket and one that says resolved lol but yet still lock an no resaon why

the fact that there is no email or text no nothing telling me why is the bigger prob. here i have been a long time player but this lack of commutation is about to make my walk away its 2022 how hard is a email stating why

If it’s what Perl alluded to, then this is rather unprecedented. They likely don’t have a template that fits, an they are focusing on fixing the issue first.

No doubt it’s frustrating, but you just need to have some patience while they sort it out.


if they would have sent a email or text stating that fact if that is the case i would have just said ok let me know when its fixed but no all i get is crickets

In this case, they posted it on the forums. That’s why I linked the thread for you.

It was a pretty huge issue and I can only imagine how many players this may have effected. My guess is that they are having to fix the issues caused manually which is why it’s taking time.

As for an e-mail or text, I definitely agree an email could help those who are unsure of what’s going on. Blizz won’t text you though. The SMS service is only for account actions, not general communications from Blizz.


the how does not matter its the fact that there was noting so am i banned and if so for what? hacked what i mean how am i supposed to know when the email they say they sent never shows up. but yet they wont my money every month. good job act/blizz

Look, we all understand it’s frustrating and we can sympathize, but this kind of attitude is not helping. Blizzard is always willing to provide compensation for this kind of situation, especially if you did nothing wrong. They do that after the situation has been fixed, which it has not.

You need to have patience. It’s totally understandable to want to know what’s happening, but lashing out and trying to claim the tired “Activision” line only makes people want to not help you.


If your account received an account action, there is absolutely an email that goes out. If your account was hacked then later actioned due to the nasty things hackers use accounts for, then you’d receive an e-mail about that too.

But in the case of a hack, you’d also get emails saying that there were changes to your account as they’d likely move it to a different e-mail, change the password and stuff like that.

If your account is just saying “locked” and not “suspended” or “closed”, then you likely fall into the category of the issue with the AH.


Unfortunately you have to wait until their work is done on the accounts impacted by the bug. Once the issue is resolved and you are back in the game you can ask for credit for lost time.

This is connected to the AH issue, Tanana.

These are being reviewed. I see you have a ticket in - those will get worked after the reviews are done.


im almost 100% sure its was the ah bug but funny thing is still no email i had to come to the forums and even then i have seen no blue and 24hrs later still no email and no i have not been hack i have a authenticator and sms turned on and i have changed my password twice in the last 24hrs. but yet no email lol

Orlyia replied to you right above your last post there. 4 hours ago.


o wow thank you that is all i wanted was for some from blizz to say ha here the deal


yes thank you i seen that about 30s after my last post and that is all i wanted was something from blizz saying ha here is the deal but that email that never showed up would have been better and easier but ether way now we wait

Were you on the AH as of recently?

not any more lol

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Why are people’s accounts being locked/banned because of the AH

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