Just remove solo shuffle

What if I have 250ms and can’t play? This happened to me twice last night when I made this post. I shouldn’t be on OCE servers.

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This guy 1 tapped Venruki from 80% hp last night

They can’t ban someone for pressing all their buttons and dying, that’s exactly what arena is right now for shuffle! Lmao. What?

Stop being disingenuous. It’s obvious what you were talking about.

In lieu of leaving, run into combat and press buttons without actually trying.

This is sabotage.

Clearly, I have to press all my buttons and then die because I don’t get healed. Yeah I’m sure sabotaging gameplay.

I’ve gone through solo shuffles where players literally do not press their interrupt one time in six rounds. That feels like gameplay sabotage, but they just aren’t good at pressing that button.

No shot blizzard EVER bans for that, it would be so hard to figure out.

Thank you lol.

This is getting pedantic.

Reasonable people are capable of determining who is intentionally throwing games and who is simply bad at the game.

The MMR at which you’re queueing will also be a variable in this.

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Why do you keep using words no one uses on this forums? Sounds like you’re trying to make a point and 70% of the player base doesn’t care.

It’s not, you’re just wrong. Most people could throw a game in a way that would be insanely hard to get any action on. You’re literally just not right, and this is a poor point to make. You made other good ones, but this one is silly lol.

As if someone like this guy could resist the urge to tell everyone in chat that they’re going to lose because of him. Getting online attention is obviously a major part of this guys personality. He won’t last long, or he’ll be grieving the 1300 players.

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You are a low grade troll.

I’m actually laughing this dude said yeah just ban him because he pressed all his buttons and died! That’s literally how 90% of shuffles end.

I have been in at least three lobbies in which five of us agreed the sixth player was clearly griefing the matches.

I’m a troll? You just made a comment to have people banned for pressing buttons and sabotaging game play, but that’s how most if not all shuffles end is someone dying with no cooldowns. How does it feel getting 2100 playing a broken class? Since you never got 2.1 before this season.

Think you did a fine job of answering your rhetorical question, yes.

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My friend, no one said that people wouldn’t agree that someone was griefing. My point is that I have never in my life seen Blizzard ban for that, and the effort to which it would go in order to investigate and accurately hand down the assessment “Oh this guy threw” would be impossible.

This is a silly take, and if you think that Blizzard Entertainment is going to staff people to review vods in solo shuffle to ascertain which player “griefed” vs “had a bad game” you are insane.

Or do you think x number of reports should constitute an immediate action?

They barely have time for other things let alone every shuffle game that goes on. You make a great point! +1 brother.

A single player receives multiple reports from different players over a long period of time claiming the exact same thing - that the player is sabotaging gameplay.

Yes, I believe it would be a simple matter to investigate.

Regardless, this is a rare situation. The problem with leavers is that they didn’t lose mmr. This will no longer be an issue.

Not really interested in pursuing this tangent any further.

You’re 2100 this season because of your class, not because of skill or knowledge. Check your achievements again. You’re just upset someone called you out. & all of a sudden it’s trolling. This is not a troll post. It’s to make a clear point that CR and MMR is not the problem. It’s a leaving problem. MMR is the problem for someone like you who can’t get 2100 in 2s or 3s but can in solo shuffle with a broken class. You were 1800 last season. That’s all I needed to know.