Just pull it

is there any actual reason to suspect that? if they don’t work, blizzard won’t pay them. most of the developers on the team are not independently wealthy.

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Just pick what looks cool. How it should have been from the start.

A survey for literally anything they want to know about would be easy and smart. They won’t do it. There is a system in place to send out surveys, one per account, and they don’t use it. They don’t care what we want, unless what we want lines up perfectly with what they want.

Why would they even need a survey? The stats on how covenants are playing out are pretty clear that their goals for “meaningful choices” failed hard.

All a survey would do is prove how wrong they were - why would they do this?

To drive the point home they’re building this game for an audience first?

Survey doesn’t have to come from the devs themselves, just the company.

No, it’s not…

Plenty of work has been getting done.


Pretty much this. Even in WoD when they were just hemorrhaging subs non stop with their pathetic ideas for that expac, they still had to tac on a stipulation to flying. They can never just admit that they’re wrong, ever.

Genuinely curious what numbers you’re looking at that indicates the difference is exponential.

Want to add here I’m 100% on board with players being able to change covenants, soulbinds and conduits whenever they want.

My dear boy, this would require Blizzard to even remotely care about you or your experience with this game that they stopped caring about 3 years ago.

Show them with you wallet and unsub. My sub runs out tomorrow.

Difference of perspective. From their perspective, they think they are doing everything they can to succeed. Protecting boosted players and boosting culture by removing /spit. Protecting future level 60 boost sales by nerfing Timewalking exp. Protecting player engagement in Classic by nerfing honor gains in battlegrounds TENFOLD. And the list goes on.

They don’t care how the average player is affected by these changes. Their ONLY motive is to protect people who spend money on the game and encourage those who don’t spend money on the game to spend money on the game by keeping them “engaged” as long as humanly possible for that sweet, sweet chance they’ll eventually visit the shop or at least milk another month out of your sub.

And that’s it. You can literally trace every single thing they’ve done for the past several expansions back to one of those goals. That’s all they care about, and the sad truth is they keep doing it because they have metrics telling them it works. Which means it’s statistically probable that most of the whiners on these forums are just virtue signaling while handing their money to daddy Blizzard. I’m hopeful that recent events have changed that, but I know firsthand how maladjusted this community is, so I suspect it will be more of the same. Blizzard defends their money, players whine on the forums, then go back to the shop for their next mount, token, or boost, and the cycle repeats.

Meaning i’d go from doing 2.5k sustained DPS to 5k+, as a Healer.

No, I mean where are you seeing these dps numbers? Logs or something?

Literally having a guildmate clearing 21s as Kyrian Rsham?

But yeah also logs if you want.


Lol, all good - hope I didn’t make you feel defensive. :wink:

I’m presently maining rshaman and having a good time as venthyr. I’m planning to stay venthyr because I just run with friends and I’m the only venthyr in our small group. I’ve toyed around on a troll shaman to see how vesper totem was, but I’m not high enough to do anything on her comparable to my alliance shaman. Hence my question.

Thanks for the info. Have a good one.

No problem.

But yeah like i said its kind of irrelevant up to that point, for lower keys i’d prolly still want to be Venthyr as well cause people take more damage and such.

Hence why being able to swap around would be pretty nice.

Yeah, I tend to think improving personal playstyle can usually pump out more dps than someone tweaking covenant, conduits or secondary stats, up to a point. Once you’re hitting those high keys like your guildmate, I’m certain that kind of min-maxing becomes more noticeable and, to a degree, necessary to push higher.

Our group is just in 15-17s for our weekly vault and good times, so I don’t feel that pressure to swap. Regardless, I wish I had the choice. I think it would just be fun to try out other covenants.

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Yeah i’m the same, always enjoyed the “maximize/make due with what you have” kind of mindset/playstyle.

But this is one of these situations where the gap is just laughably huge. There’s no real way to optimize to reach these numbers as Venthyr, i messed with a bunch of stuff attempting to do so, including our Covenant leggo and it doesn’t compare.

If only the Earth Elemental Leggo reduced its CD, maybe it would be manageable, but still have to keep the damn thing alive, which can be hard in higher keys as mobs just do a ton of damage, specially on Fortified.

I’m not as much of a tryhard in M+ as some of my gmates though so i’m not going to the same lengths to optimize and that’S fine, i’m just aiming for 20s by the end of the season.

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It may well happen. maybe not soon, but eventually. Prolly after the expansion ends when its not relevant content anymore. :frowning:

Remember when you needed to visit your class trainer to learn new abilities?
Folks wished “It would be so much nicer to not have to return all the way back to my starting city just to learn a spell.” And now itʻs not a thing anymore.
Sure, It lowers the “immersion” but smooths the gameplay.

My vote is when the content is not current it will probably be a thing. hopefully before the very end of the expansion where folks just need to get alts up ASAP