"jUsT PlAy sUrViVaL!"

That advice aged really well. As I predicted.

“But why did they nerf it so hard???”

Quick to nerf, slow to buff. That’s our Blizz!

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You can barely even call this a nerf probably less than 1-2% in dungeons where u pull more than 8 targets regularly.

Survival will still be dealing twice the damage of bm in a dungeon


Fixed that for ya.


It is such an easy fix to bump beast cleave. That would ensure the change doesn’t make bm overpowered in pvp. Just bump the cleave.

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Not a huge nerf. This’ll bump Survival down from S++ tier to S+/S tier.

The issue with BM is that our tier is absolutely atrocious and part of what’s holding us back. Too late in the game to fix it, it can’t even be tuned it literally shouldn’t have been released in it’s current form. Bumping Beast Cleave would just make us slightly less awful.


Because it is a hunter spec. Blizzard didn’t want to see any hunters in top percentage like BM was at the end of BfA.

All the other classes complaining about hunters can move while attacking or there too easy to play, so they do not deserve to be in the top dps specs. Blizzard just nerfs to keep the kids quite.


It’s a shame to see Survival get any nerfs. My friend has been playing for quite a while and it’s been his turn to shine.

I didn’t want them to nerf anyone. Just bring up the bottom 1/3 so there is a smaller gap between top and bottom.

Where are you getting the data for this chart from? Also, like Blizzard, it seems like you forgot that Outlaw exists.

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Survival is too hard for you to play anyways.

Even then this isn’t even that big of a nerf even raid wise. This is only a nerf on Anduin.

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Luckily it’s not a very big nerf. The Destro and Survvval errs were well warranted and this is a pretty tame nerf by Blizz standards.

I’d like to know where his data is even coming from. I’ve seen this graph being posted all over the place, but there is 0 information on how it was built.

WarcraftLogs doesn’t even have a damage statistics tab for M+ because there are way too many factors that have an impact on the number between dungeon, affixes, route, key level, group composition, etc.

But even if you look at the top parses per dungeon, it’s fairly obvious the average is nowhere near 33k and the gap between specs is certainly not as large with multiple dungeons having a healthy mix even if destro and surv have a higher presence.

So it’s hard to take it for anything but misinformation.


Are those statistics based on logs, or sims?

the wfc is negligible in it’s entirety
there are only a few pulls where it’s going to hurt and even then, it’s not gonna be too bad

This nerf amounts to almost nothing at all.

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It’s a post by bullet proof he’s all over the forums crying and has no idea what he’s talking about


This. The nerf will pretty much matter for MDI and honestly will barely be noticeable for anyone else.

I don’t think it will even matter for MDI, it’s that minor. I seriously suspect Blizzard made this change to gauge the public reaction to SV getting nerfed since this is literally the 2nd time melee SV has ever been directly nerfed (the first was an azerite trait nerf in BoD). Judging by the kneejerk responses on these forums it looks like they can expect that reaction to always be highly negative.

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Nerf to the extra legendary hit? That doesn’t even matter until 8 targets? I mean it’s not nothing but I don’t think it’ll kill the spec.