Just picked up a new keyboard, Logitech G613

My puppy chewed up the cord on my Corsair K68 so bad, that I needed a new keyboard.

I wanted a wireless keyboard with keys that were a little less prone to double typing (the K68 had MX Reds). Went with this Logitech G613 because it has bluetooth as well as Romer-G keys, that are supposedly closer to Cherry MX browns.


Anyhow, since I WFH a lot, I tend to use my phone for messaging and interaction. It’s nice to be able to swap quickly between the computer input and my phone at the tap of a button on the keyboard.

It also has 6 programmable keys on the left side of the keyboard.

The only thing missing here is LED/RGB. They didn’t include it to preserve battery life, which Logitech claims is 18 months. Additionally, it only has 10-key n-rollover. I have tried to get it to bind with the tasks that I do, but I haven’t had it happen. So despite lacking full n-key rollover, I think it works out well enough to not matter.

Anyway, been about an hour with it so far and I gotta say that I really do enjoy it. Hopefully it will last.

Just wanted to put this out there if anyone was interested in feedback on this.

I’m quite fond of the Steelseries Apex keyboards myself. I have a 150 with light-up keys so I can see my keys in the dark. I know it’s only a $50 keyboard, but I was using old HP keyboards for the longest time.