Just left the Q and A


They answered some rather important questions, what exactly did YOU want want answered?

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Idk I thought the M+ questions and answers were good. Nice to see that they improved their analytic system to track trash better.

(Primalmatter) #8

It was expected… not bad not good just expected and well… it is what it is. Six more months till classic.

(Kirela) #9

If Lore had forgot his hat you wouldn’t have felt so bad, OP. I’m sorry.

(Allintu) #10

…but despite the hat Lore is playing alliance…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does anyone really believe that Josh is maining Alliance these days?

Seriously? lolol

(Teranin) #12

Some utility abilities got returned. Some of the artifact stuff got put into talents.

Not all of it, and for a significant portion of the population around here, definitely not enough… But it’s a start. Hopefully it continues.


More & More I dis-like BFA. HoA sucks compared to Legion Artifact weapons. Classes still unbalanced. More time gates. Thanks Ion Hazzikostis Propaganda.

(Djarro) #14

Really? I thought admitting the azerite system would change (no locked traits) in the future was a decent response to the constant trashing of it…

Battle of Dazar'alor will be the last raid where you'll have to work to unlock your traits. Starting in Rise of Azshara, all traits will likely be unlocked, but you'll use AP to unlock things in the Heart of Azeroth itself. More information will come down the line.
from the wowhead summary

The team will shift AP to the Heart itself, allowing you to make choices about permanent powers, potentially active abilities. More to share in the future!
from the mmochamp one…

Though the class design responses have me cringing and coughing “BS” Cough Cough “BS”


I do have to admit, the explanation of why they are turning off HoA scaling until Season 2 makes sense. They acknowledge people are taking breaks from raiding/pushing keys during this month, and it would give people who don’t a huge advantage.

Makes sense when you actually explain the rationale to us.


Except they’re returning to what artifacts were in 8.2 with the HoA, talents on the artifact itself, or did you ignore that part.

Btw, the entire game for years has been time gating, nothing was worse then Sunwell and ICC (specially ICC) timegates.

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You mean the questions they made up to ask themselves? lol.

(Kirela) #18

Uh huh. That’s great, but the hat is just… Ugh. Really unprofessional in front of thousands or eventually millions of people, and yes I would feel that way even if it was an Alliance hat.

Like he stepped up. He’s now sharing the spotlight with the lead dude, and doing this communication stuff live on camera so, let’s keep it at least a little professional.

(Danerexles) #19

It’s all BS with the same questions an answers over an over again nothing will ever change

(Grabmytotem) #20

Weren’t there really high 80+ liked comments about Shamans?


I think I missed that part white knighter.


If you have additional questions or topics to discuss feel free to share those. If there were specific questions you felt weren’t important, please specify those. Keep in mind that what you are wanting answered and what is important to you can easily be different to others… many others.

The Questions I wanted Answered in the Q&A
So what is important to you in a Q&A?
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