Just leave pug runs if your gear doesnt drop

the Most players are not checking black listed players. but okay.

thats not what the post says though. Reading has always been a secret raid boss in classic, and typically a pug killer.

The Shadowstrike blacklist is basically useless, i consistently see the same names appearing on there complaining of raid lead ninjaing. It’s a very small percentage of people who participate in these blacklists and an even smaller percentage who actually check and remember names before joining groups.

community blacklists are useless and will do nothing to stop people dipping after their SR doesn’t drop, it’s been this way for years and isn’t stopping now.

Reading is hard huh?


Face it, most of these guys cant read, lack foresight, and critical thinking skills. remember 5 names on a blacklust is gonna be Tough for them.

Im not selling items, im selling boss clears. GGs

And if you award items to those same people guess what?

then they won the roll? im selling boss clears not loot bubba.

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Explicitly exchanging items for gold has been clarified as a banned activity, they haven’t explicitly banned a raid/clear carry.
I am aware that as part of this carry people could obtain an item, but it’s going to be harder to detect as typically these services are handled/settled far, far outside of raid.

I’m not going to go near it, as I dislike ambiguity and enjoy having access to my account, but I do hope there is further clarification added here.

In the past, these are just classified as ‘sellable services’ which currently still are allowed under TOS, let’s keep an eye out for any changes there


This guy gets it.

Homie graduated from high school. i like that.

it’s almost like Blizzard is encouraging people to raid with a guild. shocking, I know

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oh most GDKPers raid with a guild, but ya know. you guys would know that if you did an once of research, instead of listening to people wearing tinfoil hats.

You won’t be playing the game because you absolutely must get a shiny reward every raid you do or you stomp your feet like a toddler hahahaha


doesn’t really address the point, but go on with your salty self lol


yep, their main point was that GDKP ‘erodes traditional social structures’, not that GDKP harms the economy.

They seem to be happy to throw people like myself under the bus who cannot commit to a guild raiding schedule.
No matter what kind of further restrictions blizzard make against PUGs and play agency, I cannot/will not join a guild, it’s simply not an option for me.

These kinds of changes just make the game measurably worse for me, I understand that those with a reliable schedule and a guild are insulated this and don’t care, but I just ask for some consideration :slight_smile:

stompy, stomp, stomp. :baby:

Oh you want to play word games? Tell me, why would someone buy a boss clear if not for loot? Especially when they can clear the boss in a group without buying the clear. You really want to try to be pedantic about it, you will end up arguing with a blizzard employee who will tell you “that’s too bad” and action you anyway. Blizz doesn’t have to abide by the letter of the rule, they go based on the spirit of the rule as well. But good luck with your attempts to get around it, I’m sure that will work out well for you.

it does. your reading comprehension is just trash.

In that same post they mention that they have methods to detect this behavior inside and outside of raids and dungeons, so good luck with that.

Pedantry is exactly the point when it comes to TOS, actions you take must be explicitly allowed or not allowed under TOS for any of this to matter.
That is how rules work.

There needs to be clarification, as currently they are only addressing direct exchanging of items for gold.