Just how bad are those "time spent playing" metrics, Blizz?

Blizzard should’ve done more like Sony I mean when they do work on the PS they NEVER got in a hurry or panic when Microsoft or Nintendo talks about their plans for gaming Sony takes the time and makes sure their stuff is ready to go when its launch time

after all remember years ago when Sega tried to beat Sony to market on the holidays by launching their “cutting edge” gaming console months before with the same $399 price? the president of Sony killed them with one word $299

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Psn javazons were great for lagging people out. Worst thing I did was make a trap assassin in hardcore. If I could bait people out of town it was instant death.

Don’t remind me. I had a Sega Saturn. It was fun had some great niche games but it was no PlayStation.

Could you imagine how that would go down with GD? It would be an s-show. You’d have 29 polls all about nerfing dhs. Some for calling out players, and you get the idea. There’s a good reason we don’t get to make them, gd ain’t responsible enough.

I really don’t care if it’d be used for evil.
It could equally be used for good, and it’s a good tool for gathering feedback

I honestly think giving players access to create polls would do more harm then good, and end up being not worthwhile.

id rather play Atari 2600 than a Saturn

but hey here a laugh after nearly 20 years out of circulation Sega has decided to try and reenter the console wars by launching the Dreamcast 2

seriously did they forget the trainwreck the original one was? it went down in gaming history as one of the worst consoles of all time it was actually hated more than the Virtual Boy and the Phillips CD-i


I am assuming we are referring to these two threads (correct me if I am wrong).

One is by Nethaera, the other is by Bornakk.

Nethaera almost entirely has posted “News” topics only. And many of them link to articles/guides. So a post by Nethaera for a guide for the cloak is actually in tune with what Nethaera does on the forums.

Last 4 posts by Nethaera? First Steps into WoW Classic, PVP Brawl : Hotmogu, BC TWing, WoW Classic Class Quests. All posts going to an article/guide concerning the topic. The most recent splurge was 9 days ago.

Bornakk is a bit different. He posted quite a bit regularly up until Jan 24th, posted about corruption effects changes on Feb 6th, then the thread being mentioned.

So neither one was gone for months. One showed up to do exactly what they’ve always done (guides).

So I am not sure I could draw the same conclusion based on that information.

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Powerstone was a great game though. I also remember an 08th MS Gundam game on Dreamcast that was fun too…but then PlayStation had Armored Core.

To hell with Dark Souls From Software just give me a new Armored Core!!

The Virtual Boy was essentially a prototype that was put out for not having the N64 ready at the holidays. It would have been actually surprising had it sold well. Even Nintendo wasn’t sure about putting it out there.

The Dreamcast had a lot of bad decisions but they were also easy decisions to learn from and fix. Don’t use a proprietary disc, don’t have a crappy “It’s Thinking” motto, don’t kill your last console within months of release to push the new one, and most importantly, don’t give millions of dollars and bankrupt your company to put out Shenmui.

I will not tolerate badmouthing Shenmue.

I actually owned a Saturn. Nights Into Dreams is still one of my favorite games of that era. Saturn was just not a good system for when it released, not compared to what it had to compete with.

Ok, months was an exaggeration, but it just feels suspiciously hamfisted to me.

There is no reason for Shenmue to have the budget it did, but especially not when Yakuza exists now.

But it did put the nail in the coffin for DC development.

I mean, it definitely could have been. When you are entering the slow cycle, it makes sense thats when you try harder to drum up continued interest.

They could also just be trying to gauge the popularity, the forum pulse of the system in a single thread. To see what aspects of it could be kept for Shadowlands.

shoves fingers in ears


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yeah case in point

I don’t see what is bad there.

I hope you still have that Saturn, with the prices and rarity now you’ll definitely be the one laughing.

Ive seen mant cm polls over the years this is nothing new

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“MANT! Half Man-Half Ant!”

Sorry to pick on your typo, but it reminded me of Matinee, and I now need to go on a quick nostalgia trip.