Just got called a racial slur for not giving someone PI

Well said. You want to be an a-hole? You don’t get my buffs.


Ever run a raid with 1 enhancement shaman and 5 other melee wanting the 4 spots in his group?

It’s not fun.

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And the OP already acknowledged that they are already having said discussion. So if it is not about someone being rude, then it is OP asking for something that is already occurring.

Good. Hope it stays in the game and they bring back more buffs like it.


Because there aren’t really that many “only one person” DPS buffs? Most are raid or group wide aren’t they?


What’s this? Random human interaction in a video came???

Thank you. I think we’re being the punching ball this week for no reason. :upside_down_face:

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The PI is 3.14159265359.

I really don’t know what OP is talking about giving somebody “Pi”.

They don’t need to remove a buff just bc someone was rude to you and you got your feelings hurt. Put them on ignore and move on.


I don’t think you understand what the community council was made for. Sounds like you are sour grapes you didn’t get picked so you are just trying to stir things up.


even worse

we had our enh go ele for reasons

almost had a mutiny on our hands


There certainly aren’t any that have such an impact on individual dps that players want to know at a glance whether a parse was ‘juiced.’

Presumably enough players got tired of manually searching for ‘clean’ parses that they could compare themselves to that warcraftlogs decided to make it apparent.

what does the community council have to do with the one random person you are talking about?

As gameplay? the game didn’t create the person who insulted you.

Yes, PI invented racial slurs.

Blizz doesn’t care about my input, but externals are garbage and should be deleted.

Just summon your pet “Crackers” and move on.

Pi is not worth getting banned over

I like pie
What kinda pie you not sharing?

I have chocolate cream in the fridge. My son barely shares it with me.:slightly_smiling_face:

I agree delete m+