Just give me a lil' more for Void Elves, please

Mmm wanna tell me where I’m wrong?

Or you going to bow out like most angry horde fan boy lore casuals because “it’s not worth it”.

I’ll wait for your explanation as to why high elves aren’t possible when there are playable races in game with less grandiose appearances than them.

Or you can just admit you’re angry you’re wrong about high elf lore and we walk away happy :kissing_heart:

After mag’har got a surge of customization added in, I don’t think they’re finished with allied race options.
Talk was sounding like a 9.1 or 9.2 for AR updates, but they may be a bit ahead of schedule so have that team on those already, sounding like they want to have them mostly ready by 9.0 release, with more added over time as they see fit.
It’s promising.

Anyway so i don’t think they’re done with void elves. I think we’ll see a blonde-ish and brown hair color option or two added in, and the ear options. So we’ll get our half-elf rangers x10000 in stormwind.

Because I simply disagree with the notion that aesthetic uniqueness is desirable? Like I just simply believe is more important for players to have more customizations available, specially those that reflect the rich lore of the setting.

You are asking me to pretend I find valid the argument of “I wanna be unique/I don’t wanna share my look” i simply don’t, and how many people think that exclusivity is important doesn’t change my opinion on that.

Lore and player’s chance to reflect that lore are the priority for me, that’s why I support other things such as undead skins for blood elves, mok’nathal as a playable race, etc.

So if your argument is that we should not be allowed to represent aspects the lore of the game -such as high elves- because your idea of exclusivity is more important than that, I simply cannot agree.

The whole point of your argument is that you don’t want to feel less special because someone else might look like you; it’s hard to see how that isn’t selfish in nature.

Also why do people keep reducing themes to aesthetics is beyond be at this point, it’s like some of y’all actually think Blood Elves are as deep as their looks and actually fear people would leave the Horde en masse if VE’s looked more like BE’s.


I’m really hoping for natural hair colors so we can have the full High Elf aesthetic and finally end this High Elf requests once and for all. (And this is coming from a high elf fan)


It’s likely to happen. It’s just a matter of if it will come with pre-patch, or later in the Shadowlands patch cycle.



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I wish they were.

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Easy solution then, give void elves access to the human hairstyles and a few natural human colors. Voila…nothing ‘stolen’ from blood elves.


Because they should have been an Alliance race in the first place. Much like everything that happened in the 2000s and 2010s, Warcraft fans were robbed by China. It’s about time we see the elves from Quel’thalas with the faction they’re supposed to be part of.

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Let’s just hand over the entire Horde faction and call it a day.

No they shouldn’t have. The Alliance faction of them being playable sure. But the Blood Elves story and connection with Sylvanas and the Forsaken bringing them into Horde and Quel’thalas as a whole fitting Horde is what it is and the Alliance wasn’t entitled to the race.

We already do, Quel’thalas is Horde.


I’ve been a proponent of this. Here’s a few human hairstyles and colors I would like to see shared with Void Elves:

Talendrion also did some mockups of Void Elves using some human hairstyles and another using Kul Tiran hair textures which are apparently virtually identical to the void elf hair textures.

Human male hairstyles on Void Elf males:

Kul Tiran hair textures on Void Elf males:


So infuriating.

Well the main thing I’ve seen people (justifiably) want is A) Natural hair colors, even if it’s just white and black (which frankly void elves should’ve always had white and black hair, especially black, because, hello: void. ) and even just one shade of brown, red and blonde. And B) A few hairstyles. Not the new fancy ones that blood elves are getting, just a few that doesn’t make the void elf look like they went shopping at hot topic or, in the case of the men, don’t have receding hairlines.

Honestly, once they made the decision to give void elves natural skin tones and blue eyes, not giving them a few natural hair colors at the very least would just be spite.

Give blood elves some runes and dark ranger customization (also San’layn options would be awesome too), and that would be something unique to them.


Don’t give void elves the new fancy 'dos belves are getting.

Do give void elves a few natural color options so they can cross that threshold into the long-demanded high elf looks, since that’s what this is really about.

There can still be a bunch of colors and styles exclusive to each, everyone’s been asking for high elves since forever, belves finally got it, void elves are 90% of the way there and really just need a couple of workable hair colors to make it happen.


If I’m gonna be honest this hair colors would do perfectly: blonde,platinum blonde,white,black and maybe brown but I think it should stay unique to blood elves together with the red and orange hair colors.

It kinda sucks that void elves are like the only allied race that got more customization while the others didn’t. If one gets some the others should too.
(I think nightborne got some earring and an new eye color but that’s about it)

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You’re really being disingenuous here. The only thing Void Elves have gotten that other allied races haven’t right now is additional skin colors inherited from Blood Elves, that’s it.

All core and allied races got their eyes updated.

All core and allied races got a bald option if they didn’t have it already.

Lightforged Draenei males got their facial hair separated from their tendril options.

Nightborne females got a new set of earrings.

Kul Tiran males got their mustaches and beards separated for more mix and match opportunity.

Zandalari got ear options.

There’s probably more I’m missing but I don’t think its fair to imply that Void Elves are the only allied race that got any additional customization options. With that said, I do think that other allied races should get stuff inherited from their parent race where possible. A good example of this would be the Tauren hair flowers shared with Highmountain Tauren.


I didn’t realize how edgy Void Elf hair colors are until now.

Void Elves don’t even really need the same exact colors Blood Elves have. They could just as easily get the Kul Tiran hair textures copy/pasta’d over since they are virtually identical to the Void Elf hair textures aside from the color options.

Here’s a Void Elf male using Kul Tiran hair textures.

That alone would be plenty of options and wouldn’t require copying the Blood Elf hair textures.