Just cancelled my sub too

I actually want to point out that this is factually incorrect as of now.

Blizzard stated they were testing it out, and nothing is guaranteed. Now who knows if they’re just going to come back on Tuesday and say “Yup, it fixed the queues and Alliance didn’t suffer so we’re keeping it” and that’s a realistic possibility, but the system has not been reworked yet.

That being said the other alternative they have is to not enable it and allow faction transfers. Quite frankly given the debacle with the cost of the character clone service I wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard claimed the backlash to this from the Alliance was too great so we’re going to let Horde buy faction transfers.

IMO if Blizzard was actually concerned about the health of the game they’d be giving away free faction transfers, but my guess is they’re going to find a way to milk this problem instead.


If you cancel your account you know darned well you’ll be back in weeks. If you want to make a point that Blizzard will understand you need to delete your account.



see you next week!


What is this change exactly ? We’re discussing classic era around here but I’m curious

Oh man, they allowed the Horde to play this weekend, the sky is falling. I saw more Alliance out and about in the world now that Horde are busy queueing BGs, but better claim that Alliance is dead because of this.


OP is talking about this

edit Varith covered my feelings on this. It’s a test, OP. Blizz, in the thread I linked, gave the opportunity for feedback regarding your BG experience in TBCC this weekend. Take advantage of that and don’t be so ready to declare defeat.

Or go ahead and jump the gun. Quit if you feel you must. Most people here though are Classic Era and this test/possible change does not affect us.

You Meta Slaves went all Horde. You made your bed. Go lie in it and quit screaming like a toddler to Daddy Blizzard.

No “mercenary mode.”


I went to an… independent proprietor to sate my thirst. I’d recommend you do the same.


Honestly this was a good change due to how unbalanced populations are overall. Don’t know why people like OP are screeching as the only thing this is affecting is people who dont PVP. If you queue up, you’ll get into a game. You get honor, win or lose then requeue.

Only thing I hate though and Blizz needs to address is premades. Premades should be going up against premades and not a group of randos vs a full whitemane premade. Sh*t’s unfair and always leads to a sweaty af stomp.

Uh huh, sure you did. I don’t believe you.


How does this hurt you, the alliance? You will still que instantly into a game against the horde.

I only playing horde because my friends choose it. I don’t care about interfaction drama and gamer drama. I simply want to play the game. I couldn’t play the game before. Now i can, if you quit simply because other people can enjoy the same game as you good riddance


bye felicia no one cares


"I want to point out that something that benefits me at the expense of other players is perfectly fine. Now let me list my excuses … " ~ you

Give us faction changes to horde if this is truly World of Hordecraft.

I want to be able to play the game too - not get dumped on by Horde all day whether I try to PVE or PVP.

No mercenary mode. Horde should be FORCED to wait - 50-120 minute queues. Should also be forced to wait for ARENAS too. They don’t like the imbalance - DEAL WITH IT.

No players to group with, every dungeon is a deathwalk, can’t quest, can’t farm, etc.

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No. What I said was objectively true and it’s clear that you didn’t read the rest of my post if this is what you think I meant.

I also haven’t bothered PvPing in TBC yet so I really don’t have a horse in this race. So you’re wrong on it benefiting me as well.


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Yeah, you said everything is fine and blizzard does a good job because “oh, to me blizzard can never be wrong”

How long have you played WoW bud? Are we looking at the same broken game - or are you just that un-observant that you can’t see the issues with it?

We need faction login queues + long PVP queues to deter unbalance in the factions. If this is a faction vs faction game - which it is - there needs to be something that rounds it out so there are two factions.

Or … just make it happy-go-lucky we can ally up with the other faction like the faction leaders do + have it one amorphous blob of “play how you like to play” ; but nochanges right - unless it’s changes that happen to benefit The Horde - and yourself.

Because changes that benefit myself are “objectively good” mr /r/iamverysmart

15 years and Blizzard can’t figure this stuff out yet all of a sudden their choices are “good” AFTER most of their best devs & the architects of the entire Warcraft franchise have quit working for Blizzard … because THEY KNOW IT’S BROKEN.

But hey, you know better than Kaplan, Metzen, etc - so you clearly are right.



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You’ll be back. This game is like a bad drug that you cannot escape.

Yup. Cuz that’s all you can muster up with your hollow argument.

I’ve got a few people I need to convince to dump this crap too. Soon as they leave - I leave too. I’ve had it with this game.

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Well…bye. :rofl: