Just bring out the 50% XP buff already and give us a date on prepatch

We’ll see I’m kind of wondering right because here’s my question I’m honestly curious how you or anyone on here would feel about this do you think they’re just gonna say OK you can boost as many characters as you want or is it still just going to be one for account?

70 boost comes with prepatch, 50% boost comes before prepatch. We’ll probably see the 50% in the next couple of weeks, mid July and prepatch early/mid aug with launch mid sept.

Source for that? Not hating just want to read it

well, 58 boost came with prepatch, so it stands to reason the 70 boost would as well.

And they said in the post announcing it that the 50% boost would come pre-prepatch.

Which post? One of their recent tweets?

Im legit shocked that blizzard would be that charitable and willing to throw boost money away like that. Just seems weirdly out of character.

Right where they announced it, sure the boost could come at the same time, but we can’t say that because that’s not how it’s worked in the past with classic.

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Thanks! Appreciate the link :heart:

Well, when’s it going to start? They referred to it as a “summer” event & the summer is already half over.


They need to push it closer to the end of the quarter to keep sub numbers up for the end of quarter reports.

It’s only been 14 days since summer began. Half over? WUT?

But yeah, I would love the buff now please. . K thanks!

Pre patch isn’t even on PTR yet so prepatch won’t be live before end of August / beginning of September since Wrath Classic is probably gonna be released by October (last quarter).

Also LOL at summer half over, summer is only 2 weeks in.

Two weeks ago was the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The solstice marks the exact middle of summer.

Summer is more than 50% completed at this point.

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Literally the first hit on google:

Summer 2022 in Northern Hemisphere began on



June 21

PTRs don’t last as long as you think they do. If I recall correctly PTRs for each phase in TBC last 2-3 weeks which would make your statement true only if PTR was released mid August. Who knows if there will even be a PTR for prepatch considering it’s already being tested with WOTLK beta.

That’s what they did with TBC Classic. TBC Classic Beta was up and then a couple of weeks later TBC Prepatch was on PTR. Then all requests to have access to TBC Beta stopped :rofl:

They already have a release for Oct, September for release is much more likely. It also bolsters Q3, they have enough in Q4 to not worry about that (OW2 and DF)

If you can’t wait then go ahead and level now.

They only had an opening of the dark portal for a stress test for TBC, if memory serves.

give us pre patch give us pre patch!!! we won’t to have fun with new talents and lvl 70 shenanigans with DKs, cmon blizzard, pre patches are so rare and such a unique time in the game, let us have a fun time with it!!