Just boosted 70, steps to get to endgame?

Heyo! I am a returning player who played a lot during TBC / Wrath / MoP but not as much after. I did a level 70 boost looking to get back to the fun old grind of dungeons and raids endgame, but I’m a little lost on what to do?

For context I did the boost during Shadowlands and ended up spending like 2 weeks on so much other stuff like campaign quests, grinding some rep with some SL faction or w/e, and ended up falling off before I made it to the part I enjoy: Doing dungeons and raids and gear farming.

Sooo I guess I’m looking for a sort of to-do list on what I need to accomplish with this xpack, on my new boosted 70, so I can get the part of doing dungeons and raids.

Welcome back. :smiley:

You SHOULD not have to do anything to catch up. That “should” is doing a lot of work, but I think you will be safe.

According to what I’ve read about the new “Raid-ready” boost, you get a set of 424 gear, and all the original reps filled. And you never needed those anyhow.

Unlike Shadowlands with its Covenants, Dragonflight did not put any barriers in the way of endgame. People who played through it from the start did have to complete the MSQ all the way through the zones once per account, but you have been boosted past that.

So all you have to do is get stuck into the gear treadmill, probably starting at Mythic and M+2 and LFR. At this point, 424 is kinda starter end-game gear. You will get 441 pieces from the end of a M+2, and from LFR, so investing some time there will get you a pretty big bump immediately.

And after that, there are no in-game obstacles in your way. Just keep climbing the ladder! :smiley:

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