Joyous Journeys – Summer XP Buff Event

Yum? Such tasty SPAM? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry IQ500 internet GOD to bother you.


why am i named twice?

“We haven’t forgotten about you”

radio silence for the last month, xp buff live on retail and still nothing in classic proves otherwise.

Actions speak louder than words, didn’t your mothers ever teach you that?


the salt and copium is soooooooo real today lol lol

been a very fun night

Guys what are the chances retail wasn’t even supposed to get this and they just fcked up so bad they just announced it as though it was planned all along.


no they trolling you all hard and i love it

I think the funniest part is that they say they haven’t forgotten and then gave 0 follow up… it’s like they forgot to finish their thought.

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Being incompetent does not = trolling. But good to know that you’re a :clown_face: grey parsing trashcan that hasn’t even touched SWP.

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I have to admit the incompetency is hilarious

yea you big mad today huh my guy ? lol lol lol and i have vbeen in SWP jsut havent cleared been too busy on retail gonna enjoy this buff too :slight_smile: mad you big salt today I got you good lol lol lol

They are not “trolling” us. Retail didnt even have an announcement for a buff. As soon as there is the slightest bit of backlash they make a twitter post about it. Then shortly after then stated “classic we didnt forget about you stay tuned.” They 100% applied it to the wrong game. They made a mistake not really a big deal.

log in servers down its coming :copium:

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def did not appliy it to the wrong game.if you think that is how coding works i dont know what to say to you… The copium you have is crazy they put it on the wrong game lol lol omg im dying here lol omg lol


on twitter of course… :roll_eyes:

how does it work?

So you’re a trash player that enjoys trash games, gratz. You haven’t killed a single SWP boss and your BEST avg for BT which is a faceroll raid is in the twenties. YOU ARE TRASH.

Or, now follow me here. They are running around with hair on fire because Auth servers have blown up. So yeah, I think the fact none of us can log on right now jumps right to the top of the priority list.

man the salt from you is great keep it coming lol big mad huh?? lol lol lol lol dying here please keep it coming lol