Joyous Journeys – Summer XP Buff Event

Check out above you… Linked and all.

KEKW They pressed the xp buff button on the wrong server

Judging by some of the complaints they did successfully bait some folks to re-up. Now they can drop it in 2 or 3 weeks and collect another month from those same people. So marketing dudes did their job here i suppose.

I’m saying Blizzard is trolling.

Oooh this is actually promising!

Gotcha my apologies

To be honest, I don’t really care when the XP buff by itself goes in. Until pre-patch and all the specs that currently suck to level become bearable and have the xp buff as well I’m just waiting anyway.

Lol they saw the backlash instantly flare up. Gotta drop us classic plebs some crumbs to keep us in line.

“Classic players, we haven’t forgotten about you! Stay tuned.”

in the upcoming several weeks…


"You want XP buff? We got that and RDF in retail " :upside_down_face:
Ion, probably.

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weeks… right :wink:

So retail got an unannounced xp buff meanwhile the Classic players who were actually told about an upcoming buff get nothing?



Come on guys, it’s SUPER HARD to sit at a computer and type a brief update to the community. We’re talking DOZENS OF MINUTES!!!

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Honestly though. Obviously people are just wanting some sort of update from them and it’s sad that they won’t take the time to at least give a status update on this announcement.

*Several minutes. /fixed

Looks like I’ll play retail a bit I suppose

gonna put this out here. i feel no pity if you resubbed for a buff that said in the coming weeks. that is on you. Real easy fix. Wait till the day they put out the buff than resub. if you did it on a hope and whim thats on you. Two: Man they really got us through the XP buff on retail SAVAGES i love it. Go blizzard i like the savagery of it. Nasty yo lol im dying laughing. Called the fake discord shot also XP buff 100 percent is coming next tuesday. Mark this post


lol, I don’t think anyone asked for pity from you. Seems rather arrogant to think they did.


Okay…. via TWITTER…. They said “we haven’t forgotten about you” to the classic players.

Not sure why we can’t get a blue response but either way I apologize for speaking ill too soon

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