Joyous Journeys – Summer XP Buff Event

Okay…. via TWITTER…. They said “we haven’t forgotten about you” to the classic players.

Not sure why we can’t get a blue response but either way I apologize for speaking ill too soon

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Blizz is just trolling classic players my god


No XP Buff.
Log Out.


GUYS! On Twitter they just said news about the xp buff coming out soon. There’s hope :pray:

Yeah they haven’t forgotten about us. We’ll get it in “the coing weeks” after retails buff ends

Sure its not:

These chuckleheads have no idea how to market their product.

The buff should have dropped with the Fire Festival.

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People say the exact samething about new expansions. Yet they keep preordering new expansions. Leaving them no reason to actually produce a good game because their pockets are already full.

At least they’ll basically have to say when the Classic Buff will happen. It’s just funny timing to release the retail buff around when most were expecting the Classic one. It was definitely a bit of bad communication on their part, not a great look.

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I’m shocked

“8 Week Summer XP Buff” (Summer ends in 3 weeks) Playing wow is suffering

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They posted that on Twitter and replied to it “classic players we haven’t forgotten about you, stay tuned”.

Summer ends September 21st


“Summer” technically ends on September 22nd.

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Breaths heavily

Guys I can’t get over this lmao these people

Jokes on you! I can’t log into Retail either

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yeah but its retail, whos trying to log into that train wreck?


guys relax, they obviously forgot to flip the switch on the xp buff for classic and thats why the servers went back down. They care about us classic players too much to do it like that.

Totally not #copium

Although I agree, I try not to talk smack about retail. Just as I’d hope retailers wouldn’t us. Make love not Warcraft :laughing:

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