Jom Gabbar Trinket not working

The Jom Gabbar trinket is not able to be used while in shapeshifter for like dire bear or cat forms. Other on use items are able to be used while in for such as Earthstrike and Manual Crowd Pummeler. There is no reason that this equipable item should be the only item that is unusable in shapeshifter form.

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Thanks for pointing this out! We’ve got a fix on deck for this that should go out with patch 1.13.6 early next month.


Thanks for some replies around here! Woohoooo! Now, dont stop! press the back button & Keep scrolling down and keep replying. Do what we want you to do in the bug report forum and what you know you should do doing! THANKS. I want to look at the bug report forum and see a BLIZZ next to every post! You can hire me, and let me talk to the inside classic folk and i will have this section so BLUE everyone will be blue in the face that sets one click into the bug report forum.

Beginning to think that Classic gets more love from Blizzard development than Retail does…

My head esplode in bewilderment. I am pleased

nahhh duude. Classic is like their adopted kid that they just cant stand to bare the success of. They just want him to die, but hes resillent AF. Game had to thrive in the private server scene for eons before they realized they should maybe give a sht about their child.


haahaha, there is that.

IMO Classic is here to stay in some format because its just so damn good.

Surprised there wasn’t some long-winded technical explanation for how the team consulted old development manuscripts about this only to discover this was also a bug with the reference client and how it wasn’t going to be fixed because “no changes”.