Join Valhalla AUS/NZ - the ultimate platform for WoW players in OCE!

Join our discord today and see whats going on! once you get your roles on the ‘Roles’ Channel you can have a look at our keys channel and the ‘viking’ Range will allow you to join an open raid and show our raid teams what you can do. Our raid teams watch these runs close to see if there is any talent they can recruit!


Ragnar is a team that have quickly accelerated in their progression, going from 2/8M to 7/8M in just 11 resets while only on a schedule of 5 hours per week.

The team has taken on a new focus with new leadership to push for cutting edge in future tiers while on a very lean raiding schedule.

If you are a great, efficient player who wants to still accomplish as much as they can in raiding without the huge time investment of other guilds, Ragnar might be the team for you.

Roster is already looking quite good for 10.1 but we would love to hear from a Devastation Evoker or any otherwise exceptional player.

LordAverage#0866 discord.
Omni#11993 bnet.


Valhalla Berserkers is the CE team of Valhalla. We strive towards CE every tier and we’ve been steadily improving since Shadowlands. We’re proud to say that we have successfully obtained CE this tier and will aim to maintain our CE status moving forward. We offer a really chill, fun, mature, and non-toxic raiding environment. We pride ourselves on bringing good vibes.

Raid Times
Thursday - 8.00PM - 10:30PM (Server Time)
Sunday - 8.00PM - 10:30PM (Server Time)
Monday - 8.00PM - 10:30PM (Server Time)

We’re after any good or exceptional dps players. Don’t think you’re good enough? Just reach out anyways, no harm done. If you already know you want to apply, you can do so via this form:

Contact Details
Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you’re interested in applying or have any questions you’d like to address. Thank you for considering applying to our guild :slight_smile:

Varcoe - Daniel#1478 (Bnet) or Varcoe- Khaz’goroth (H)#8513 (Discord)
Celendis - Bluesteel52#1181 (Bnet) or Bluesteel52#0380 (Discord)
Mord - Redgo#0223 (Discord)
Hex (aka me) - Pheyt#1637 (Bnet) or Hibiki#7010 (Discord)


An amazing team looking to go into 10.1 to secure another cutting edge! Dps warrior and dps DH are what we need, get in before the new raid kicks of to be part of an amazing and fun team!


Recruiting right now!

Berserker Mythic Raid Team - Looking for dps Warrior and DH
Thursday, Sunday and Monday 8-10.30pm st
10/10H 9/10M SOD
11/11H 7/11M SEP
8/8H 8/8M VoTI

Valkyrie Heroic Raid Team - Looking for some skilled range dps
Monday and Tuesday 7.30-10pm st
8/8H VoTI


Recruiting right now!

AotC teams looking for ranged and a few key classes still!

Berserker Mythic Raid Team - Looking for dps Warrior and DH

Valkyrie Heroic Raid Team - Looking for some skilled range dps


Valhalla Baldr is recruiting now!

TEAM GOALS Build a team into a cohesive unit that helps each other out and conquers content at the highest level whilst maintaining a fun, toxic/drama free environment.

RAID TIMES Thursday – 8:00-10:30 (Server Time) Sunday - 8:00 - 10:30pm (Server Time)


  • First and foremost people who enjoy the game, and want to get the most out of it they can dedicating two nights a week to raiding.
  • People who can attend our raid nights with near perfect attendance
    (we understand Real Life is more important, just let us know if you can’t make it in the baldr-attendance channel)
  • People who want a positive and constructive raid environment and are able to learn from mistakes quickly and desire to build a team that functions together.
    -Prepared relaxed raid atmosphere that enjoys banter during trash but is focused for bosses - Banquets and cauldrons will be available (once recipe acquired)
    -Having strategies planned for raid/bosses and communicating these strategies to everyone.
  • Cultivating and encouraging a relaxed environment for everyone.
  • Providing constructive feedback in a timely manner.
  • Taking everyone’s suggestions into consideration.
  • Be open to player feedback.


  • Our ambition is to build a CE team this expansion, so we expect all players to come to raid with knowledge and understanding of the raid, and specifically, boss mechanics.
  • Be online 7:45 so we can start raid on time
  • As nice as it is to get Orange and Pink parses the goal is to achieve CE which means perform your role in the fight and do your job! The leads evaluate players based on how well they can do their jobs, follow instructions, and avoid mechanics, in addition to your dps/hps.
  • No toxicity/elitism. Your suggestions are valued (but remember time and place), please feel free to speak up. Just remember, there is another human on the other side of discord.
  • Be open to feedback and remember we may ask you to sit for some bosses or play an alt to help counter mechanics. There is nothing personal with this decision. At times, having the right raid composition is essential.
  • Minimum of at least 4 M+ Dungeons a week (16 early on and 20’s as the season continues)

Addons/Requirements Please have these addons installed ahead of time:

Weakauras • Mythic Raid Tools (aka MRT/ERT) • RCLootCouncil • BigWigs or DBM RAID LOOT Will be awarded via Loot Council to ensure fair spread of loot within the team. Initial Raid BoE’s will be sold to fund the G Bank to assist with Repairs and raid supplies.

Contact details
Noven - @Noven (Discord), Psalms#11956 Bnet (Recruitment Officer)
Veilo - @Veilo (Discord), veilo#6119Bnet (co-Raid Leader)

Current Recruitment We are currently recruiting Healers and DPS as we are forming a new team for Season 2 and it’s new raid Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.


Team Baldr is the latest team in our amazing Valhalla community! If you are a skilled player and want to be part of a up and coming team and as part of a 1800 player strong community please get in touch ASAP!

Recruiting right now!


Team Baldr

Looking for a few more healers and a variety of DPS. Be part of the shenanigans in the new team forming on Frostmourne.


Several teams still looking for a couple of specific roles and classes to fill their roster for the new season. All our teams are super chilled environments, with great raid leaders who invest a lot of time into their teams to ensure they are successful. Awesome people in every team, we strive to be drama, toxicity and elitism free. If you are looking for a new home with heaps of raiding opportunities, please let us know.


Bump! Baldr are still looking for all Healers and DPS as we are forming a new team for Season 2 and it’s new raid Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

Contact details
Noven - @Noven (Discord), Psalms#11956 Bnet (Recruitment Officer)
Veilo - @Veilo (Discord), veilo#6119Bnet (co-Raid Leader)

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interesting, I would like to know how it work for across server. for example how do you manage raid invite for people not in guild or not in same game community ? because people might not on discord for world quest or m+ pug.

I play on NZ time zone but it is weird timezone for raid or m+ so I end up create new character on US Illidan server for easier M+ group, but if I can still do raid on NZ time from US Illidan that would be nice.

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Hey Teazande!

Raids are mainly organised from Discord, as well as Greenwall in game connecting all the guilds which makes it a very simple process :slight_smile: Feel free to join the discord linked above and have a look around. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

We also have a NZ guild on Khaz’Goroth :slight_smile:

Bnet: Tommo#1172

Hi, I’ve joined the disc and looking for a dedicated raid spot on a Heroic team. Happy to trial on an open night if needed. Thanks.


Hey mate! I’ve send you a friend request on discord, will chat soon! We have a few groups in need of a ranged :slight_smile:

Our Berserker Raid Team has an opening for a dps warrior on their team.

They achieved cutting edge last tier, and they are on the lookout for an exceptional warrior to join their ranks in their campaign to achieve CE again this tier. Need a player who can perform at the level required to achieve cutting edge with a great team attitude and positive mindset.

Berserker Mythic Raid Team
Thursday, Sunday and Monday 8-10.30pm st
8/8M VoTI, 5/9H AtSC.

Please send us a message if you are keen to apply for this arms/fury spot on the team!

Hey Ntys, I shot you a friend request on discord. Let me know if you need help to find the raid teams!

10 Raid teams in Valhalla, looking for amazing players to join progression for AotC and Mythic raid! Join us on discord:

Recruiting right now!

AotC teams looking for ranged and a few key classes still!

Berserker Mythic Raid Team - Looking for dps Warrior

Valkyrie Heroic Raid Team - Looking for some skilled healers, evoker pref and ranged pref mage and warlocks

Ivar Heroic raid team - Looking for a DH dps

Fenrir heroic raid team are seeking healers X 3

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Super interested in seeing what this community is all about. I’ve been playing since MoP. Balance druid main. Can resto very well as well. Multiclasser at a competitive level but not that much time these days. Always AoTC and multiple CE’s when ive had the time to commit to raiding. Looking for M+ groups mostly instead of pugging but always interested in raiding if times suit. Hit me up for a chat on discord Hetzu#0956

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