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With maybe 2 months left before the end of the tier and four mythic teams looking for players now is a GREAT time to get involved in this guild!

4/8M warrior but gearing a rogue as well, is there a team that needs one of those?

Hey! I’m pretty sure we have spots on one of the teams. Could you please jump on to discord and get in touch with “Varcoe” or “Gaelehodin” and we can see if there is a group at the times you need :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile: Would love to have a chat. Drakkar in Valhalla is 7/9M going into Mythic Echo prog tonight. Feel free to reach out to me on discord - moistyoysty13

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Added on disc

Multiple teams looking for new skilled raiders! Come check the place out on:

Ivar are looking to update our raid roster heading into S3, we are an aotc focused raid team, who have achieved it every tier since our beginning’s in s3 in SL. We are relaxed and like to have a lot of banter in between pulls/bosses, but we do require a minimum standard of performance so we can keep meeting our aims of AOTC each tier.

We are stepping into M raids 1 night a week and H clearing the other night

Recruitment desires last edited:- 01/09/23
Ivar is currently recruiting:-
2 healers preference on Holy paladin and MW monk
1 Tank non-BDK pref Vengeance
Enhance Shammy
Other classes/specs for all will be considered, but we are full on DK’s and Warlocks

Current prog:- 9/9H 1/9M, … 2/9M with us as apart of Baldr team

You can contact me in game at Aigilas-Dath’remar or on Discord “Aigilas” or Bnet- Aig#1930

Look forward to raiding and m+ing with you all


Hi all, Korzz your friendly leader from the frostmourne fenrir team.

We are looking for a healer that can flex dps for our Fenrir Team that is currently 5/9M, 32% wipe zskarn.

Please add me in game or discord to discuss further.


Team Prog update for Valhalla! get in touch if you are looking to get into mythic raiding now! We have teams across servers from Normal to Mythic difficulty.

Berserker Mythic Raid Team - 9/9M

Ragnar Mythic Raid Team - 8/9M - Sark 52.11%

Freya Mythic Raid Team - 8/9M - Sark 64.75%

Drakkar Mythic Raid Team 7/9M - Echo 42.92%

Fenrir Mythic Raid team - 5/9M - Zskarn 35.57%

Ivar Heroic Raid Team - 9/9H - 1/9M

Odin Heroic Raid Team - 9/9H - 1/9M

Floki Heroic Raid Team - 9/9H - 2/9M

Hela Heroic Raid Team - 9/9

bump to the top for Ivar

The new raid will be legendary, come join Valhalla now and join this growing guild! Were looking at four groups with CE if all goes well in the coming month! its rare to find something like this in modern wow!

Drakkar (7/9M) is looking for a few exceptional dps and a healer to join us
We raid Wednesday Sunday 8-10.30 pm
Currently progging on Echo with a 39% wipe
If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to me on discord (moistyoysty13)

Last tier we had one team get CE, this tier we are looking at 1 team with CE and two more on track to get it in the next few weeks. This group is growing fast, its hit a bit of a critical mass and has a large drive to keep moving forward. Its hard to find a group of people working toward a goal in modern wow. This group of people are looking to create the largest group of raiding guilds in wow. Come join today and be part of this progress!

Mythic teams and Heroic teams looking for new members, jump into discord and see whats going on!

Still looking, come and have a look at whats going on here and consider joining the largest social and raiding community OCE!

Bump for mad lads

Bump. Lots of teams still looking to fill their roster for the new raid tier. Skol!

Good luck. a few hundred have seen the evidence and more will

Just passing through

Spots are still open in Valhalla! 7/9M team lf dps

Our NZ-time friendly team Freya is looking for one or two more warm bodies to assist with the end of the tier - specifically a druid dps for Tindral and beyond. Hit me up in game or add me on discord/bnet and lets chat!
Sabriah#1885 - btag
Baj4212 - discord