Join the Stormwind Watch for Volunteer Guard Day!

Greetings, citizens!

The Stormwind Watch is pleased to announce our annual Volunteer Guard Day activities for this year. As always, our goal is to educate and entertain the kingdom’s residents by letting them experience something of what it is like to be a Stormwind Watch officer.

This year we are proud to invite everyone aboard our new airship, which was constructed and launched last year thanks to a number of donations from members of the community. Its primary mission is to combat pirates off the coast of the kingdom and perform emergency rescues on, or should I say above, the seas. That being the case, the main theme of this year’s event is anti-piracy operations. We will also run a mock sea rescue for the more adventurous attendees.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome the Horde organization Doomguard to our event to help us discuss some past joint operations focused on combatting piracy and providing relief to war refugees. The fight against criminal activity does not stop at any border, and we appreciate their assistance in combatting a threat to all the law-abiding peoples of Azeroth.

We look forward to your attendance!

Event Details:

Wednesday, April 28th.
6pm – 9pm ((server))

((IC the airship will be departing and returning from Stormwind Harbor, but since there’s obviously no airship there in-game, we’ll be using the one in Northrend. We will provide rides from Dalaran for those whom need one, or a portal if we have one of our warlocks attending.))

Posted by order of Lt. Commander Orwyn, Stormwind Watch

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