Jewelcrafting or Inscription?

I’d like opinions from the community. Which profession do you think is more fun, jewelcrafting or inscription? I am looking to level one or the other combined with its appropriate gathering trade. I’ve never leveled either profession.

A few points:

  • I understand this is a subjective question.
  • I’m not worried about making gold.
  • I understand what many people think, professions in WoW are not fun, but perhaps you can pick between the two evils and not fun professions by offering an opinion.

Basically, I want to level one to max, try out the recipes, and mess around with the profession. Any opinions?

Inscription is probably more “fun” as the mats you use aren’t hard to acquire. Glyphs can also provide neat effects.

Jewelcrafting, however, is more useful. It’s main problems are that the good base gems have a low drop rate from prospecting and the low number of gem slots nowadays.

If we are talking strictly BfA content, I think I would go with jewelcrafting. Not much gold to be made, but you get to play around a little with prospecting, cutting gems which you may be able to use, and I thought that jewelcrafters were getting a BoP ring in S2.

BfA inscription on the other hand is just boring. For the most part the DMF deck rush is over, though depending on your server you might get a little enjoyment from it. Otherwise their are hardly any glyphs unless you start leveling previous tiers of content, with Legion being the best. And make sure to pick plenty of Dreamleaf while you are on the Broken Isles, as it is the only way of getting pigments / inks for the ink trader, which was never updated for BfA.

I appreciate the replies, thank you.