Jembari / Jollygreen ?

Where are you guys hiding these days? I think you were the best hunters on Terenas during classic raiding in thralls champions.

Have you heard from Shadyone at all?

Jj moved on and doesn't play wow anymore. I still do on occasion.

- Rata
Hi bro,

Jembari was pretty excited about the new classic servers lol
"Heal SMASH".....Smash, how goes it? I was actually playin in the demo, very nostalgic. So where are Jem and Jolly these days?
i dont know anything about jolly but Jem like a lot of us have a fam and are quite busy haha i can msg him in facebook if you want.
wait who is candysniper ? is that you rata ?
Yeah this is Rata lol. Just tell Jem I said Hi. I was cruising over on youtube and found some of our old BWL kills back in the day.

Shady is busy with RL stuff now, he has a couple of kiddos and a wife. I keep up with him on FB. Not sure about Jolly, after he went missing I never heard a thing from him or about him.

Is that you Jembari?

The launch of Classic beta had me all sorts of nostalgic today, so I came back to these forums and Jesus look at these names.

Haha the real old skool ballers