January 16th, 10 year anniversary of Borean Tundra

On January 16th, of 2009, the Borean Tundra Server was opened to new players. It was the last time players could experience a Vanilla leveling experience. The newly created server was locked out for 90 days to transfers in or out. It was a unique experience for a great many people. If you ask around you may still find people elsewhere that recall those days fondly. Phrases like “Nothing Boring about Borean”, “Welcome to the Fundra”, are our legacy to the game.

As the 10th anniversary is nearing, I thought it would be a fun idea to attempt to gather up all of those that shared the experience so many years ago, those that spent a short time here, those that stayed for a time and left for something more, and for those that stayed, a day where we can all share memories of a different time. The location for all will be Old Dalaran, the city we all did our best to get to and set our hearths, the place we saw both factions, where we queued up for Wintergrasp daily so we could win control of the raid.

I do not know what effect sharding will have on the city, I don’t know how many may be seen or not. This is open to both Alliance and Horde, I think maybe even doing a Mammoth parade around town should be a priority to remember those we have lost, perhaps duels in the sewers, maybe even a battle royal in Wintergrasp.

I hope to see as many as possible, hope to see old names gone but not forgotten, I hope to see you all.


Neat idea! Let’s hope sharding doesn’t ruin the fun.

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Shooting for 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern in Old Dalaran at the steps to the Violet Citadel.

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I’m late to the party, but I’ve been on BT since February '09. I miss everyone that used to play. Just the other day, I was looking at my friends list, not the btags, the regular one with regular player names on it… I haven’t seen most of them online in many years.

I don’t think people understand that, just because you made a friend on a game, doesn’t mean you don’t “know” that person. I had countless laughs with people, both on vent/teamspeak and in guild/public chats. I made friends and I lost some. I have very fond memories dating back to not only before BT, but spanning back to my days on Illidan in vanilla.

I have a character on Illidan I haven’t touched in years. I logged into her a few months ago and to my surprise, the character was still in the same spot, in the same guild with the same people I used to play with nearly 14 years ago. The GM of the guild quit back in vanilla. He made light of every situation in the game. He made the game fun and the crowd around him always lit up when he came online.

It hurt me when I saw the last time he logged in was 12 years ago. With no way of actually reaching out to him, or any of my former guildies with a similar status, I’ll never know what became of them.

I face the same issues on BT. When I came to BT, I met the nicest guild, with a GM that would go out of his way to make sure his guildies were content. Knowing he was older, I fear that I may never see him again online because of reasons.

Overall, I’m glad there are still some familiar faces on Borean Tundra.

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I’m certain a lot of people have great memories of our first days here

Another late post, but,

man I miss the old days.

I started playing WoW shortly before this server opened, and rolled here day one when it did. Marathal, I remember you I believe from long ago though we were on opposite factions. This toon is used to be Wiskey, my beloved dwarf priest. I rolled with Honor and Glory in the early days; Eternium after that up until I finally left the server for good. Raiding Naxx, downing Kel’thuzad, getting my first tier pieces. Moments I can’t recreate. We had a great community here in those first months, and it was a treasured thing. I still have a ton of memories of people no longer around now.

Mandre the warrior, who taught me everything about the lore.
Alamo the druid, Kt the DK, Ihastail the shammy, Dare the hunter. And who could forget Nightelfspy, my long-time nemesis? I miss them most of all. These were all people I considered friends, and despite never knowing them in real life, it meant a lot to me. Love all you folks still roaming around here. Keep the torch lit.


When I started I was Alliance, and I spent some time in Eternium, among other guilds. THose are a few names I remember from way back when.

Wow, Nightelfspy, there is a name I recall.

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Know why they call it an xbox 360?

Shout out to Wiskey for being sentimental and Marathal for being the world’s most consistent human, weird but extremely impressive


wow, talk about a thread necro, and an old name I remember from long ago.

You’re alive! You haven’t aged a day my friend.

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A little grayer than I was

With the eventual combining of Alliance and Horde, I am making an offer for all old the old BT OG’s to come back, I will find room for you in the guild. Would love just having the old school crowd around to reminisce about the early days.