Jade Forest quest SI:7 Report: Lost in the Woods is bugged

Talking to Rell to begin the quest simply teleports the character itself to the location where you should be controlling the SI:7 team, and you cannot progress or advance.


Yep, same problem here. Still looking for an answer.

Oh thank god I thought it was an addon but no idea which since I turned off Azeroth Autopilot… well sorta thankful, unfortunately this means I’m dead in the water :confused:

It’s doing it on the Horde side too. I will talk to Riko and it teleports me to the beginning but it’s not setting off being the character you need it be in this case Garrock.

yeap im stuck on same quest, hostile natives. get transported to area, but as my toon. so im stuck here.

Anyone figure out what to do? It basically breaks the whole zone not being able to go past this quest right? I can’t even figure out how to get to Loremaster Cho without the breadcrumb.

Same here, very strange.

Same here…has been an issue for a few days for me as well.

This Alliance quest and the Horde-equivalent quest appear to be broken, blocked from progressing. There is no known workaround, and appears to need a fix from Blizzard.

The current PTR build (33115) from today still does not have a fix for these quests. For context, the (Horde) quest was known to be broken since early January on the PTR, then escaped to Retail.

Feel free to add your report to the Bug Report - Known Issues thread (which needs to be updated) to help tally up the number of blocked encounters:


As of Jan 28th 2020 still can’t complete Pandaria Loremaster because of this Jade Forest Quest. I really hope they are looking into this because what happens when they squish the level cap and someone wants to quest pandaria and can’t get anywhere because of the quests being broken? I know it’s old content and it’s not top priority, but please Blizz fix these issues.

We have confirmation the Horde equivalent quest (Scouting Reports: Hostile Natives) is hot-fixed and can be completed on the PTR as of 1-31-20, and confirmation of the fix in Retail as early as 1-30-20.

Please check out the quest again in Retail (to check for a live hot-fix) for the Alliance side.