Ivus loot bug reverted yet?

Yes this the first time of me hearing about it but it does appear that there is actual abuse with this.

Exactly. Once is chance, twice coincidence, 3 times conspiracy.

And no I don’t actually expect them to break it for Alliance, as well, I expect them to remove the gear and titan residium. I don’t even care if they hour ban or whatever, just take away the rewards. Unlike Arathi, where they let them keep it.


The Darkshore world boss is Corrupted Ivus.

For Horde he is Ivus the Forest Lord, he doesn’t get corrupted until after the Forskaen do their thing, thus why Alliance also fight him.

They had a similar bug in Legion where you could do a WQ, log out, log back in and the WQ was reset. Those who took advantage of the bug (and I mean seriously took advantage of it, like farming it) WERE indeed punished.

So a bug from a PREVIOUS expansion surfaces again. That doesn’t speak well for their QA team.


Just to follow up - we needed to get some extra data together to do it properly, but yes, we’ll be removing the items gained and issuing suspensions for those who abused this bug (with an increasing penalty based on how excessive the abuse was). The reason it’s taken an extra few days is that we needed to make sure we were also cleaning up any extra Titan Residuum gained from this.


Why was I able to use my bonus rolls multiple times on this boss as normal on my horde but I’ve killed it yesterday and again today on my alliance and was not able to bonus roll?

only 1 of my 2 alliance chars got option to bonus roll on first kill (both had seals). it’s pretty buggy in that regard


Thanks Lore for the update. Glad to hear you’re on top of it.

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Same deal here. Highly disappointing. Had this happen early on in BfA with world bosses too.

Really getting tired of things like this happening.


Imagine punishing your customers for your own mistakes.


Will you also be banning people who just got to bonus roll a few times? Sometimes you can rekill stuff to throw another coin at it.

If so, that’s awesome to know I’m about to be suspended for wasting coins on something I thought was intentional.


Imagine an ATM machine giving out $100’s instead of $20’s. Hit that ATM once, the police will go easy on you and ask for the money back. Exploit it for a month, tell your friends, and the police won’t quite be so forgiving.


Cause that never happens. Atm starts spitting out money just grab as much of it s you can, Banks mistake right? Store doesn’t put a security tag on something must mean you can walk out with it, stores mistake right?
this makes perfect sense, people know this is not supposed to be a thing and only the ones that went and did it anyway to cheat the system are going to get punished, as they should be for being cheaters.


Imagine finding ANYTHING out in the open. A lost wallet/phone/whatever, and not turning it in. Yeah it’s kinda rude, but IT WAS OUT IN THE OPEN.

Also you’re talking about people “exploiting it for a month” vs “some people potentially killing a boss multiple times to re-coin the boss because you can do that in raids/LFR/M+ as much as you want”.

I dunno about you, but I work in software design. If I make a mistake in testing, we don’t fine and punish our customers.


I thought the bug was some characters being unable to use the bonus roll like 2 of my alts. I didn’t know people were getting loot for multiple kills.

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So… what was the exact bug that’s being considered an exploit?

Was it the ability to bonus roll again on each new kill? That certainly seemed intended. I thought it was.

I was able to use a bonus roll on multiple kills with my Warlock, but I literally got only artifact power. How’s that an exploit? You can do that in Uldir, too.

As Omegall reports, I was never able to use a bonus roll on him with my Death Knight. I killed him several times just because I wanted to be able to do this. Never got loot. Never got AP. Never saw bonus roll window. Exploit attempt? No, I was looking to use that bonus roll.


30 years as a professional software developer. You can bet if someone found a mistake in our licensing code that enabled them to bypass our keys and get our software for free, we’d be much more inclined to sue them if they exploited it and redistributed our code.


This doesn’t really seem acceptable. The mistake was on your own end. Removing loot is one thing but issuing punishments for something you clearly messed up on isn’t acceptable.

This isn’t like the world quest exploit. There wasn’t any extra steps needed. You are going to hit a lot of accounts that are not in the know from your own mistake.