Ivus loot bug reverted yet?


So are Alliance going to get to farm our world boss for 385 gear for a day when it’s our go around? Or is this going to be another Arathi where it was fixed AFTER horde got to abuse it, and Horde gets to keep the gear from it again?

(Withpuppys) #2

you already know the answer for this.

(Smadinker) #3

Is anything in this game not a bug anymore?

(Gormosh) #4

Please explain the bug.

(Grommack) #5

You mean the bonus roll? I believe you have always been able to do this. I’ve killed taloc 3 times in 1 day and used up all my bonus rolls.

(Tiapriestess) #6

No, he’s referring to this: https://gyazo.com/7ff389c49a46b945a897fa502267c97d

This is one person getting all that from Ivus. Today. Totally not broken. :confused:

(Grommack) #7

That doesn’t look like one person though.

(Mokrawr) #8

Not sure what that link was supposed to show but there was a screenshot the other day showing one character getting 5 pieces of loot from Ivus in guild activity.

(Tiapriestess) #9

It’s the same set of people getting multiple pieces of loot from the same boss, far more than just what bonus rolls could possibly give them.

(Kittredge) #10

I’d probably care if

  1. The Alliance didn’t cry about every little thing nonstop every day for all time.
  2. If everyone benefited from this on Horde side… we didn’t.
  3. If the loot obtained couldn’t be taken away by Blizzard to fix a bug which may or may not exist.


I’d rather they revert BFA to legion tbh.

(Orctang) #12

The motto is exploit early and often but just not too excessively…


No, because perpetuating an error/bug in pursuit of "fairness’ is the worst sort of thing to do. If this were something they were to do you can be sure a far larger portion of the Alliance player base would take advantage as you can be sure that word would spread. Thus the imbalance would be larger, though weighted in favor of the Alliance rather than the Horde.

That being said anyone that received additional loot drops beyond their first boss kill and bonus roll deserves to have that gear removed and possibly receive a ban. I say possibly because there may have been some people that had this happen and did not know why/how. I was in a rare group that tagged Ivus 3 times before we finished our round. I got 0 drops from him, and only 1 bonus roll the first time we took him down.

I don’t know how this is working, I’m presuming some leave/join misbehavior is involved as it seems most likely to do so. If this process requires each player to do some specific action to enable it then I would say no mercy. Remove the gear and ban the players (length determined by history of conduct).

If on the other hand it is something only the group leader must do then some level of mercy may be warranted after investigation. Time for that to occure should be allowed and public statement of how the offenses were handled should occur.

(Orctang) #14

This would actually be good for the current imbalance already in favor of the horde! :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly, but…the ying and yang of that could quite quickly get wildly out of control.

Hrm…given my mood right now that actually sounds appealing. I think I need an epic bar fight and then to get laid.

(Zeerionjax) #16

I’d rather they revert the dev team back to D3 and get our old dev team back, truth be told.

Semper Fi! :us:

(Orctang) #17

Yeah, I was kidding… but there is some horde bias.


im betting they not only refuse to ban players that exploited the bug for titan residium, but that they also let those players KEEP the titan residium.

Can’t wait till the world first race when the NA horde guilds are walking around in full 415 azerite gear first week mythic is released because they bought 2 pieces with exploited currency.

(Latherfal) #19

That’s so funny.

If it happens a third time come next raid/patch/upgrades, then it’s purposely done.


Don’t think it’s on purpose… this is more impactful than the AP exploit back in legion as far as the next raid tier is concerned.

The world first “race” is going to be a serious joke if this isn’t reverted. People have hundreds, possibly 1000+, titan residium from an exploit. That is not ok.