I've had the legendary since first month of the patch

Ask me anything.

If you had that advantage that early, why are you still averaging a 60.5% median parse?


He said ask a question, not commit a murder!


and he got it from normal too

too bad the mog sucks, get some fashion sense >:(

Mog is Every, more important then Ilvl/DPS/RaiderIO/Pvp Rating etc…

This mog saddens me.

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is mine pretty

because im a healer, and parses are irrelevant as a healer (this is where you go, “oh, im a dps so i have trouble reading, my bad”). I also quit 3 months ago because of the m+ meta (thats the content i truly care about) and just came back. Also, logs clearly dont have all of the data as you can see. It doesnt even have my sarkareth kill. thanks for the question! :smiley: So the legendary was pointless. cool thing to have though i guess

So many people have no idea how to assess a parse in context lmao.

Not true dude, it obviously let you post a thread for the attention you were seeking!

The irony is saying this without actually assessing said logs.

His raids have an absurd amount of DTPS on the whole, and he’s getting out-healed by an alt evoker in fights that’s 8 ilvl below him that doesn’t have the lego he’s so desperately flaunting.

If he doesn’t think he’s inviting these comments with this pathetic post, idk what to tell you.


if it aint 100%, it’s bad

The irony is, im a healer so logs are irrelevant and you know it and that you know this post is bait and you got baited anyway, and you know it. Sorry you didnt get the leggo. :wink:

This whole thread is troll sweat.

I got mine this week.

I will enjoy the week I have with it before it’s replaced. Lol